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유후,추천 트립 모먼트
Kyushu to Yufuyuan cuisine Kyushu, Japan is a famous hot spring sightseeing town. Although I have not stayed at a local hot spring hotel, I have visited it three times before and after, seeing the autumn leaves and the tourists scattered after sunset. silence. While looking at the scenery, we always look for local specialties. The area of the courtyard is mainly concentrated in the station to the Jinlin Lake area. Although the distance is not far away, some popular shops do not have long business hours. Even if they do not finish the business hours, they will be sold out early. It is recommended to go in the morning or at noon. Not far from the station is the net red B-SPAEK cake roll, don't miss the dessert. If this one can't be bought, there are other stores along the way, such as the Yufuin Kashigura Goemon, the cake roll, the cheesecake, and the pudding. Further to the SNOOPY tea house, I regret that I didn't enter it three times, because I can't enter the store at 4:30 in the winter, I can only buy some fern cakes and ice cream at the side of the pavilion... some snacks can be taken It is more convenient to walk. When you see the big signboard "Fried Chicken from the Court" (the golden word is still red), you will definitely want to come to a string - the seasoning is heavier and the frying is crispy. Fried potato cakes are only 120 yen, and it is not bad in winter. There are also a variety of tastes of the dumplings, if you choose obstacles, you can pick up five strings of 1,000 yen and taste all kinds of flavors. Finally, there is a shop called Bumei, recommended to beer lovers, offering local beer, you can try it~
유후,추천 트립 모먼트
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유후,추천 트립 모먼트
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