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Living in the city for a long time, the pursuit of life is actually very simple. When you sleep, wake up naturally, push open the wooden door, see running outside, and practice yoga. Everyone loves this land and feels their love for life. Then taste the noodle soup. Milk noodle soup is a local specialty snack in Bengbu, Sichuan. Fresh pork bones, pig's trotters, fragrant elbows, chicken stewed into a rich milk soup, put into a bowl, served with seasoning, add cooked water leaves to serve. It is a household name in the milk soup. Most popular. After breakfast, go to the surrounding area to find the other side of the flower, eat an authentic farmer's meal, steamed old pumpkin, old bacon, and pork. Look at the sky, a blue. One day was so happy~
작성일: 2018년 12월 26일
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