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Chloe Yin
How to play Schilthorn?
1, Skyline Skyline and Revolving Restaurant PIZ GLORIA
To Xuelangfeng, you need to take a large box cable car to reach the observation deck at 2970 meters above sea level in Mirren. The observation platform is located on the fourth floor. The 1st floor is a 360-degree revolving restaurant, the 0th floor is an outdoor viewing platform and shopping mall, the 1st floor is 007 Bondi World Bond World 007 (free with the cable car ticket, open from 8:00 to 18:00), the 2nd floor is Cable car station and ski exit. The whole game is fast for 1 hour, and if it is slow, it is almost 2 hours.
2, Birg Berger
Birg is the middle of the cable car to the Schilthorn, 2677 meters above sea level, the tourists who usually get off at Birg are planning to walk, there is a trail to walk to Mirren, It is said that the scenery is very good, but it is somewhat difficult. The altitude difference reaches 1039 meters, which requires a relatively large amount of physical strength. Birg also has a BISTRO BIRG restaurant and observation deck for visitors to rest. Starting in 2016, a new project has been added under the viewing platform called thrill walk, glass paving
3, Allmendhubel
Allmendhubel at an altitude of 1907 meters. It is the starting point of the famous Flower Valley Trail, which is suitable for beginners and families with children. The cable car station has the restaurant PANORAMA RESTAURANT, next to a children's playground and a flower park.
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