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Open the Australian Tasmanian Cruises Seafood Tour h Sunshine in Hobart, Australia, come to the Salamanca Pier and go out to sea! From the Hobart waterfront, follow the Derwent to explore the beautiful D'entrecasteaux strait around Bruny Island. The journey takes about 75 kilometers. During the seven-hour tour, you can enjoy the sea view and dock at the abalone and sea urchin. In a few places, I tasted the freshest and authentic seafood in Tasmania. This trip is too embarrassing~~ The captain is a handsome lady who also learned to sail with the captain. In the Gulf region, she will personally go down to the sea to catch sea urchins, abalone, etc., can see her fishing process, the head needs to take the amount of scale, do a good job of registration, we do not eat if we are not qualified. All oysters, lobsters, sea urchins, salmon, abalone are freshly cooked, and the sweet and sweet entrance is simply delicious. There are several ways, the lobster tail will be used to do sashimi and sea salt sashimi, the other part is cooked Wasabi; the abalone part of the abalone is used to make sashimi, and the other two parts are used to fry a part with yellow pepper with garlic Stir-fry, oysters are now eaten and served with wine, and the drinks and alcohol on board are not available. Meet a group of penguins walking on the sea, meet the sea lion team work to steal salmon, it is not only we are eating. This trip can be booked locally. Our price is more than 700 Australian dollars, six people charter, starting from the dock at 8:00 in the morning, and returning at 3:30 in the afternoon, seven hours.
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