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추천 트립 모먼트
하코네,추천 트립 모먼트
Hakone Mountain Train to watch the hydrangea tour. We parked the car in the nearby parking lot. We got on the train from Hakone Yumoto Station. The Hakone Tozan Train was from Odawara Station to Gora Station. It was the cable car from the Gora Station. At the soup station, I got an introduction showing the distribution from the hydrangea. Again and again, we decided to stand down from the big platform. According to the introduction, the big platform station has , plus the friend "Golden Raven" classmate told me that the big platform can take photos of the hydrangea and the train, so our first stop is the big platform. A veritable "mountain tram", the cars are slow on the road, all on the uphill, sometimes the car has to enter the signal field to avoid other vehicles. The 1001 train is also a special hydrangea flower with a logo of hydrangea in front. As soon as the big platform exits, you can see a pot of Ziyang potted plants. A map of the large platform hot spring station, clearly tells the four seasons of the big platform station, the cherry blossoms in spring, the hydrangea in summer, and the autumn leaves in autumn. We have seen many local residents and Japanese people driving in Tokyo are particularly fond of taking the Hakone mountain train to enjoy the mountain view. If I can stay here, I don't mind if I go to work on a mountain train every day. I can breathe oxygen before going to work. After work, I will enjoy the beauty and go home, sweep away the troubles of work and envy the residents here.
하코네,추천 트립 모먼트
Hakone net red tofu shop: Tang Yezhen Zhiji came to the store in the morning, after waiting for the number, it took nearly half an hour to enter. The store is very spacious and it is obvious that you can put more tables. I dont know why the store manager has to leave so much space, maybe it is for the customer to have a better dining experience. All the dishes in their home are mainly tofu, the main one is soup leaf soup, the so-called soup leaf soup is to put the tofu skin in the soup and then hit the eggs, the set will be served with rice, The egg tofu skin and the rice became a tofu skin egg-filled rice. The taste is very light, although it is very healthy, but the individual feels a bit light, which is more suitable for Japanese appetite. Fig. 3 [Tofu] The tofu in the set is white and tender, served with shallots and ginger, and can be eaten with soy sauce. The tofu taste is very strong and likes. Fig. 3 [Fish tofu] Another single point of fried fish tofu, made with fish and tofu, salty is just right, recommended must! Fig. 9 [Red Bean Tofu Dessert] The red bean curd dessert in the set is really shocking. It is basically the standard of red beans and ice cream. Their home is really new! The cool tofu of the tofu is accompanied by the hot red beans. It is not harmful. It is slightly sweet and not greasy. It is super delicious. The Japanese really love this store too much. There are still many people waiting from us to go out to go out. It is very in line with the Japanese people's taste of light and healthy, many dishes are remarkable, as such a family A special tofu restaurant, coming to Hakone is worth a try! Address: Yumoto 696, Hakone-machi, Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa Prefecture
하코네,추천 트립 모먼트
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