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After a circle around the South and North Seas, I and Hadid returned to Hakodate. It was already afternoon in Hakodate. When I saw the Hakodate, I could see the lovely Hokkaido characteristics: the monkeys and hot springs. Just in the Hakodate City, Hakodate and Botanical Garden, I decided to go to see the monkeys. [Hakodate Tropical Botanical Garden] Hakodate Tropical Botanical Garden Here is the Hakodate for tropical plants. In the Botanical Garden, you can see a variety of tropical plants such as exotic cacti in the tropical botanical garden of Hakodate. The botanical garden is very small. We strolled around the park for more than half an hour, and then went straight to the monkey hot spring pool area. Most of the tourists are basically here. There are small biscuits for the little monkeys to sell at the gate. You can buy them to feed the monkeys. Although the garden name is Tropical Botanical Garden, these cute little monkeys are the real protagonists. Opposite the Monkey Mountain Hot Springs Pool is a pool where you can soak your soup. Because it is very close to the Yunokawa Onsen, you can experience the soup. The Monkey Mountain and Hot Spring Pool are built in a deep pit below the horizon. A group of Japanese macaques raised in the garden come to the hot spring pool every day to take a bath. It is a whole day, and it is really enviable to watch these monkeys look happy and happy. A few monkeys probably because of the long-term hot springs, the hair is very rare, when I stood up from the pool, I was cold for him, hahaha, after all, it was still snowing. I watched the monkey for about an hour and watched it, and I was reluctant to leave, or I returned. You can return to the Hakodate JR station. At this time, the lights in front of the station are lit. The night view is very romantic. It is very suitable for taking pictures. You can take a look at it. Address: No.15, No.15, Yukawa-cho, Hakodate, Hokkaido Tickets: 300 yen Transportation: From the JR Hakodate Station, take the Hakodate tram (city power) Yunokawa direction (Tang ) and get off at the end of the "Tangnokawa" and walk about 15 minutes to the south. Opening time: April-October 9
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