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Conrad Punta de Mita
4.4/5102생생 리뷰
* Food is incredibly expensive, tiny portions, and will leave you hungry. For example, 3 fish tacos for $36, an entree/main at a restaurant is ~$43 for just 180g of protein and a garnish (you’ll need to order a side for $14 on top of that!). Every guest we met was astounded at how hungry they were. You’ll pay $45 for 200 calories here. Restaurants are relatively empty as guests have wised up the the over priced, under portioned food and taken a $20 taxi 15 mins away to Punta Mita or Sayulita. This is Mexico, and this is not a 5 star hotel. The Four Seasons has full portions and a more enjoyable menu for far less. I suggest future guests eat breakfast and a light lunch at the Conrad, then travel elsewhere for dinner. * Drinks are expensive for what you get. Cocktails are $25 and not that great. We went to many other lovely restaurants with award winning cocktails and full sized meals for half the price. * The Conrad is a BIG hotel (320 rooms) and caters to conferences. They have several coaches/busses. You won’t know what conference you’re getting until you arrive. It could be a hunting convention, a large wedding, or a conference for doctors. This is your roll of the dice! This will change the atmosphere of the vacation you expected and you’ll be second to the conference guests who have all food and beverage included. * Included buffet breakfast is fantastic. This is where you get great value for money and can enjoy omelettes, freshly made quesadillas, juices, and an assortment of fresh local dishes. * Pools are great, though quite warm and only 4 feet deep. To be neck deep you’ll walk on your knees a lot of the time. There’s plenty of space for all to lounge and the wait staff are wonderful. We were surprised the pool was so shallow and warm in the May 83 degree weather. What needs to improve: (1) amenities such as snorkeling, surfing, paddle boards etc. should be included (eg. Yoga on the grass is $25. Why?) Most hotels at this level have daily activities to engage with guests and come by with free ice cream, sunglass cleaning, and poolside amenities. The Conrad does no such thing. (2) Food must improve pricing and quality. There should be a club sandwich, pool snack menu, guacamole everywhere guests drink/eat, and prices need to drop $10 across every menu item. (3) Guests should be told about conferences, or given food/beverage accommodations for the inconvenience. (4) A shuttle into Sayulita or Punta Mita for dinners would make life easier than the rather expensive taxi’s on offer. TL;DR. This is a 4 star hotel at best. Rooms are lovely, staff are wonderful, and the pools are great. Food, beverage, and activities are *not great* both in terms of quality and value for money. You'll starve. There’s little engagement from the hotel. I’d stay here again if I got a fantastic deal, but would eat dinner in Sayulita or Punta Mita every night.
이베로스타 셀렉션 플라야 미타
4.1/5101생생 리뷰
This resort is beautiful. All the facilities and staff are first class. The food in the buffets is very good, and the a la carte restaurants are excellent. The staff are very friendly and professional.

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