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Zhoucun Ancient Mall is located in Zibo City, Shandong Province, and has the reputation of the first village in the world. If you think of finding something fashionable, then I advise you, don't go early. If you want to see how the ancestors of the Ming and Qing dynasties did business, there are still many things to look at. Take a stroll on Zhoucun Street, enjoy folk programs, watch folks, bricks and tiles in the ancient mall, dig the story behind each store... Here you will have unexpected gains. Founded in the middle of the Qing Dynasty, Quanxiang Tea House, one of the hida/xiang, has a long history, abundant capital, high quality and long-lasting reputation. Qian Qianyi was born on silk. In 1930, the cloth shop business was sluggish. Some people said that the silk satin is not as good as a firewood, and this firewood is tea. Therefore, the Qianxiangyi cloth on the street was changed to Hongxiang tea house, which was the semicolon of Jinan Hongxiang; because of the abundant capital, the decoration of the pavement was magnificent, and the plaques outside the shops were all from famous artists. At the opening of the business, hundreds of students were attracted to help, the Tonggu Yanghao; the heads of all walks of life came here to congratulate, a raging fire, attracted thousands of people, traffic was interrupted. As one of the local three big tea villages, Spring and Xiang was affected by the old store business, and it gradually became sluggish and could only be dismally operated and maintained.
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