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추천 트립 모먼트
주지,추천 트립 모먼트
The world's most "Huiji Mountain Antiques" can come to Zhuji to see the most beautiful people in the world - Xi Shi in Zhuji, the most expensive nuts - Xiangxi in Zhuji, Xiangxi has developed into a Chinese cultural heritage, from The Southern Song Dynasty began to retain, the best is in Zhuji. Huiji Mountain Antiques are located in the Huiji Mountain Range. The area is about 400 square kilometers. There are 105,000 trees with strong citron trees. Among them, there are more than 72,000 trees with more than 100 years old, and thousands of them over the millennium. The citron is divided into female trees and male trees. The graceful female trees are straight and the male trees are straight and straight. This is better distinguished. The following picture shows the female trees. The meandering ravine is like being shaken. The stream that appears when it is hidden is like falling from the sky. It divides the place here into two. The tones on both sides of the ditch reflect each other. The journey is "couple love" and "brothers" Waiting for various gestures. This is the leaves of the camphor tree, the leaves of the mimosa are imagined, and the second one is the fruit of the camphor. The camphor usually takes three years to produce the result. The nutritional value of the camphor is extremely high, and the price is also the most expensive. A pound of about 150 yuan. I have seen the past from the mountains. The fragrant trees in the mountains and the mountains decorate the mountain, the dense jungle. When the sun shines through the trees, the light is scattered, and the scene of a green shadow appears in front of the eyes. Tip
주지,추천 트립 모먼트
Chunlei Exploration Shop|ZhujiThe Treasure Hotel Zhuji Hotel hidden in the hometown of Xishi is in the treasure house of the hometown of Xishi counter-renovation 22-year-old dilapidated hotel Zhuji Hotel in a group The dream of the hotel dreamer is reactivated is redefined Coordinated Zhujiang Riverside Road No. 1, near the hometown of Xishi, Adjacent to Puyang River, you can book the river view room design style, new Chinese style price, definitely the facilities and services of the first-class city five-star hotel, the price is only more than 300 characteristic "Roof Garden" Moving landscape gardens to the roof Buildings, landscapes, plants ingeniously integrated into one as if a landscape painting was built on the roof "Terrace music bar" With 360 degree invincible view, Bund style terrace overlooking Puyang River invincible night view Let people have a kind of body on the beach in the 1930s Feeling "Magic Cube Space" Form Top Playing Xishi's hometown Rubik's Cube space solution 100 kinds of comfort experience Let this group of "Dream Makeover" design Rubik's Cube Enjoy the comfort space for your amazing "Room" window The Jiangnan Water Town Room room at the top of the body Wenyu is inspired by the local ancient culture of Zhuji. The characteristics of Xishi Culture and Jiangnan Water Town are ingeniously integrated into the design, and the Puyang River River View is introduced into the room view. You can In front of the floor-to-ceiling windows in the room, you can see the vast expanse of Puyang Jiangshengjing and the city scenery. Details, the fragrance bath products in the room are made from the essential oil of the camphor tree, which is known as the Millennium Living Stone. After bathing, it has a light fragrance.
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