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주지,추천 트립 모먼트
Sizhai Village is located in the narrow strip of the mountain. The terrain is high in the east and low in the west. The Shanglin River passes through the village from east to west. The surrounding mountains are surrounded by mountains and layers. The natural ecological environment is good, and the Huaguogong Villa we went to is clear. At the bottom of the upper Linxi River and an open field, backed by Xiangshan, left is the Inuyama Mountain, right is the Lion Mountain, the environment is quite elegant, is a rare Feng Shui treasure, the Mansion Villa was built in the Qing Daoguang Gengzi (1840) year It was built by the descendants to remember the Swah. It is a Qing Dynasty architecture that is compatible with the temple. Huaguogong Villa covers a total area of 2,806 square meters, facing southwest, a total of 3, wide and uniform, three open. In turn, the entrance hall, the middle hall, and the back hall are arranged, and the left and right sides are equipped with a wing building and an attached room. The stone door frame of the entrance hall, the door is crossed by the Qing Dynasty scholar Yu Yu, the book "Hua Guo Gong Villa" is a large book, and there is a half-moon pond in front of the entrance hall. Three rooms in the middle hall, named "Sicheng Hall", is the lecture hall of Xueyu. The word "Xicheng" is titled by the descendants of the Sisters. In the middle of the hall, the Confucius statue of the Wanshi Shibiao is hanged, and the spring breeze can be smashed, and the autumn water article is not dusty. There are more collocations in the gallery column: Li Des words and deeds are determined first, and there are those who have to be obedient and have a teacher. Another joint: teaching assimilation rains far and wide, springs like Wenyu.
주지,추천 트립 모먼트
The world's most "Huiji Mountain Antiques" can come to Zhuji to see the most beautiful people in the world - Xi Shi in Zhuji, the most expensive nuts - Xiangxi in Zhuji, Xiangxi has developed into a Chinese cultural heritage, from The Southern Song Dynasty began to retain, the best is in Zhuji. Huiji Mountain Antiques are located in the Huiji Mountain Range. The area is about 400 square kilometers. There are 105,000 trees with strong citron trees. Among them, there are more than 72,000 trees with more than 100 years old, and thousands of them over the millennium. The citron is divided into female trees and male trees. The graceful female trees are straight and the male trees are straight and straight. This is better distinguished. The following picture shows the female trees. The meandering ravine is like being shaken. The stream that appears when it is hidden is like falling from the sky. It divides the place here into two. The tones on both sides of the ditch reflect each other. The journey is "couple love" and "brothers" Waiting for various gestures. This is the leaves of the camphor tree, the leaves of the mimosa are imagined, and the second one is the fruit of the camphor. The camphor usually takes three years to produce the result. The nutritional value of the camphor is extremely high, and the price is also the most expensive. A pound of about 150 yuan. I have seen the past from the mountains. The fragrant trees in the mountains and the mountains decorate the mountain, the dense jungle. When the sun shines through the trees, the light is scattered, and the scene of a green shadow appears in front of the eyes. Tip
주지,추천 트립 모먼트
## Zhuji Yuchang No. Folk Art Museum (Shili Red Makeup) Xi Shi's hometown, beautiful scenery, beautiful scenery. In the poetry and painting of Jiangnan, Shanshui, Zhejiang, it also has its own characteristics. Especially in the East Baihu Town, which is deeply hidden in the mountains, the ancient buildings, the non-legacy culture, the humanities and the allusions, and the mountain B&B are very good. There are 5 halls in Dongbaihu Town, and the Yuchang Folk Art Museum is worth a visit. Yuchang was founded in the Guangxu period of the Qing Dynasty. It is now composed of Qingfentang, Zunmeitang, Aiwuyu and Fenglou. There are more than 10 series of Ming and Qing furniture, Shili red makeup, Yuexiu silverware, bamboo art tin and various calligraphy and painting, porcelain, wood carving, plaque, etc. Among them, Shili Red Makeup is a provincial intangible cultural heritage, Miss Qiangong bed is worth 5 million yuan and was once unveiled at the West Lake Expo in Hangzhou. Surrounded by mountains and waters, green forests and bamboos are absolutely picturesque. Into the township, taste the local delicacies of Zhuji. Sishang fans, Xi Shi tofu, white cut chicken, reservoir fish head, lichee scrambled eggs, bamboo shoots stewed bacon, sweet-scented osmanthus rice cake are all delicious. Of course, if you have a good wine and a good meal, you must try Zhuji Tongshan Shaobai Liquor. over three tours, the dishes have five flavors. After dinner, you can feel the night view of Jingjingshan Village, especially the sound of the flowing water of the river, which makes people intoxicated. Or you can experience Ktv in the mountains and mountain open-air movies. Deep at night, returning to the attic room of My Love Mountain B&B, Meimei sleeps. B&B 1 night from 246 yuan hotel parking, suitable for weekend self-driving tour
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