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Guizhou has many mountains, and many places have inconvenient transportation. Therefore, some beautiful scenery are hidden in the mountains, and the original ecological features have not been artificially developed. In the southeast of Fujian Province, Shibing County, which is not far from Zhenyuan Ancient City, has a scenic spot called Black Chong. It is not famous, and few people know it. Black Chong is a village, the traffic is not convenient, and occasionally there are tourists who go to nearby Yuntai Mountain may pass through here, or they may miss it. If you stop here to see it, the scenery is still beautiful. 1934, the Kuomintang army here "encircled the Red Six Army", the Red Army under the leadership of Ren Biao, Xiao Ke, Wang Zhen led the ropes and cloth with a rope to break through the cliffs of the Black Chong. The Black Chong Battle was the most intense of the Red Six Armys twenty-seven days in the southeast of Yunnan. The scenery here is beautiful, retaining the original ecological environment. There are many beautiful karst landforms in the mountains. The stone pillar stands in the mountains like the Zhangkun column of Zhangjiajie. Mountain vegetation is dense and the clouds are haunting. Perhaps it is because of the geographical environment that it is very easy to see the sea of clouds. used to walk through the well-built scenic roads, and this walk also felt novel on the country road. In the black and nearby scenic spots, I once filmed a movie called "Female Soldiers Returning Hometown". The beautiful mountain village scenery in the movie is impressive.
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Autumn is here, find a quiet and cool place, or stroll on the streets, or rafting in the mountains and rivers, poetry and poetry, drunk in the wind and snow, naturally is excellent, this station I stayed in the town of millennium The ancient city, with the green hills as the veil, with flowing water as the skirt, pavilion stands out, satisfying all the longing for the ancient city. Step up, the ancient city's blue-gray stone road, quaint green bricks, red lanterns, chic eaves, long roadways, old archways, always show a lot of moving history . Zhenyuan was once a multicultural blending city with strengthening the military with the military. This kind of culture, left in the lanes of Zhenyuan, is reflected in the buildings of Zhenyuan. The Huizhou-style dwellings in the city were influenced by the Huizhou merchants in that year; the Qinglongdong Jiangxi Club in the east of the city was built by the people of Zhangzhou in the same year; and the west of the city still enshrines the Tianhou Palace of Mazu. It was the Fujian businessman who built it to comfort his homesickness. The cliff building, the ancient alley city, the stone tile brick, and the eight convention halls scattered around the ancient city, the twelve piers, the Eight Diagrams Nine Temples, all tell people the glory of the past. The Wuyang River in Zhenyuan is dominated by Gaoxia Pinghu, waterfall springs and karst, and the mountain scenery is charming. It is an "S" type from the west to the east and runs through the whole city. It forms the unique Taiji ancient city style of "Jiushan embraces one water, one water and two cities", the mountains and rivers are integrated, and the heavens and the human beings are united. Wuyang River is like a mother river in Zhenyuan. It nourishes Zhenyuan people and also carries all the memories of Zhenyuan.
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