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captured happiness   
"Prairie Tianlu" walks once is known as "China's Route 66", investing more than 500 million "Prairie Tianlu" - rivers along the meandering, mountain gully depth, meadow The landscape is very grim, showing a picture of the Bailibatou landscape. Autumn is a poem, autumn is a painting, the waves of the buckwheat wind that mature in the harvest season, and the red soil, the green tree constitutes the golden staff. "Tianlu" In addition to the beauty of the grassland, the continuous ups and downs of the road also increase the difficulty of driving and the sense of excitement; on the steepest slope of "Prairie Road", it feels vertical and descends from the sky. People are trembled, and they look back and feel deeply shocked. A father and a daughter left a "yellow line Luohan sitting", and took a trip! On the roadside of the parking place, there are farmers selling freshly diced potatoes (the red-skinned potatoes here are fragrant and fragrant due to climatic reasons). After chatting, Xiao Zhao, who is in the same industry, took out 5 yuan to take care of the business of the elderly. The old man must leave 10 pounds of potatoes and a happy smile from the heart (so I shook the window and photographed this by the driver Xiao Zhao called "very tension photo"), in Zhangbei you only have the heart or no intention Will also encounter the honest grassland farmers. The ever-changing climate of the grassland makes the temperature difference on the ground increase and rises in fine fog, such as driving in the clouds; the large "S" shape after the shower is like a large painting board in front of God, the most beautiful highway in China. "here.
작성일: 2019년 2월 19일
Prairie sky road fire is not good, just another weekend, just from the wild fox ridge under the high-speed traffic, the water is blocked, to the entrance of the road is all cars, are not moving. Its hard to move, but the turtle is moving forward, and its still stop and go. It took a while to enter the entrance to ease. Under the high-speed toll station, I asked the toll collector, how many people? The answer is really because of the weekend, of course, there are many ordinary people, better than these two days. Why is it so hot? Prairie Tianlu is located at the junction of Zhangbei County and Chongli County in Zhangjiakou City, from the wild fox ridge on the south side of Zhangbei County (near the wild fox ridge fortress), and east to Chongli County, Chongli County. At the office. This road on the Bashang grassland is very beautiful. There are many beautiful scenery such as grasslands, windmills, terraces and birch forests. It is called "China's Route 66" to show that it can rival the famous American landscape. Route 66. The total length of the road is about 132.7 kilometers. It belongs to the hilly landform. The road goes uphill and downhill, and there are many turns. It is not suitable for novices or vehicles with too small displacement, and it can't be opened too fast when driving. Now Most of the roads are speed-limited. It takes about half a day to drive and play. If you are a photography enthusiast, you need to prepare a day. Driving all the way, you can see the vast stretch of grassland, the colorful birch forest, the terraces behind the village, the huge windmills swaying in the wind, etc., and because the road slope is large, you can see the end of the road is the skyline. The "Tianlu" landscape, taking pictures everywhere is a beautiful view. Generally speaking, the scenery of the part of the Huapiling is more beautiful, so it is recommended to enter from the side of the wild fox ridge, so that the scenery will gradually become richer. If you enter from the side of the birch ridge, it is possible It will make the second half boring because I saw the beautiful scenery from the beginning. Since I came in, I cant retreat, and Ill move forward with the speed of the car! When the car opened to the door of the four characters of "Prairie Road", it means that we finally came to the Prairie Road. The more you go in, the scenery is getting better and better, the traffic jam is greatly relieved, and finally you can finally play it. On this grassland road, with the terrain rolling up, the car is like a roller coaster. There are huge white wind power windmills everywhere, and there will be a sea of flowers from time to time on both sides. The most obvious is lavender, full of tourists wearing bright clothes. There will be a parking lot and an observation deck in the most scenic spots, so you can stop and enjoy the view.
작성일: 2019년 8월 22일
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