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[Zhangjiajie Tourism] Spring to Zhangjiajie Tianmen Mountain Tourism, recommend the city's four famous buildings at the foot of Tianmen Mountain, 10-15 minutes drive from the railway station airport, open the window to see Tianmen Mountain, walk to the ropeway station. Loft plus Nordic design style.
Don't look at the small inn, but the details are at a glance. Automatic curtains are opened, mattresses and intercontinental use are the same brand, and the lights and cups in each room are individually designed.
This is where the four girls originally built their dreams, so even the bathroom is delicately equipped with the "Auntie Pack"...
작성일: 2019년 1월 1일
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Very good taste
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톈먼산 국가산림공원(천문산 국가삼림공원)
If you have enough time, you can go to the nearby Tianmen Mountain to play. It will be enough for Tianmenshan to spend a day. There are two online mountains in Tianmen Mountain. The first one is the cableway going up the mountain, or it is to take a sightseeing bus. When choosing, choose which one is less. A trails up the mountain - highway downhill / hc / tour route: cableway up the mountain - summit tour - take the mountain escalator down to Tianmen Cave - take the scenic spot to the mountain down to the mountain gate - Transfer to the free shuttle bus to the station. B trails up the mountain - highway downhill / hc / tour route: take the free shuttle bus to the mountain gate at the cableway station B line shuttle station - take the scenic tour bus to the sky Doorway - Take the mountain escalator to the top of the mountain - the top of the mountain - the cableway goes down to the next station. The winding mountain road leading to Tianmen Cave is also called Tongtian Avenue. There are ninety-nine sharp bends on the Panshan Highway in Tianmen Mountain. Turning, the front is the Tianmen Cave. When you are below the site, you feel that you are such a small human being. At an altitude of 1,300 meters, it is the only one in the four scenic spots in the whole mountain. Tengtianmen Mountain, for the family, pray for a friend's peace, climb for a while, the little bell will be panting, I am also The same, watching the children are beyond us, we must work harder.
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톈먼산 국가산림공원(천문산 국가삼림공원)
Zhangjiajie Tianmenshan aerial chair, super sense~
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