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추천 트립 모먼트
장가계,추천 트립 모먼트
톈먼산 국가산림공원(천문산 국가삼림공원)
#인천파라다이스호텔 #인천영중도 #인천#할링여행
장가계,추천 트립 모먼트
When I came to Zhanglijie Shili Gallery, the cost of taking a small train was 30 yuan. At that time, due to the victory of coming down the mountain, we decided to walk through the Shili Gallery. Finally arrived at the terminal of Shili Gallery and found that the time was too late. The shuttle bus and cable car had been stopped. I had to listen to the security guard and said that I would take the bus to take the Bailong ladder (58 yuan a person). After the next stop, I met two "lost". Tourists, immediately called Zhangjiajie assistance station for help, waited for about thirty or forty minutes, the scenic area sent a shuttle bus to pick us up to go to Lilac Village. If there were only two of us at the time, it was really dangerous and helpless. About accommodation: Zhangjiajie can also live in more places, you can book a beautiful and safe hotel on the periphery of the scenic spot, but it takes less than one or two hours to drive to the scenic area. The inner perimeter is the scenic area. Because it is a national-level protected area, there are no hotels in it. It is a private inn in some villages. There are no street lights in the village. The timid ladies need to accompany each other. Most of the online Raiders recommend the Lilac Village (the top of the mountain) in Tianzi Mountain, because the inn is taught to be concentrated, and it is close to the Grand View Station. In the morning, you can watch the sunrise (just 15 minutes walk).
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