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Large-scale national song and dance - "ZhangjiajieCharming Xiangxi". She is the epitome of Xiangxi culture; she is the soul of Tujia customs; she combines strength and femininity, showing the perfect fusion of life and nature. Biancheng, according to the story of Cui Cui in the edge of Shen Congwen, depicting the love between Cui Cui and Tian Bao, and sending it to Shen Congwen to let the ancient city of Fenghuang be The world knows. Xiangxi corpse, "Charming Xiangxi" put it on the stage, the fundamental purpose is to satisfy the audience's exploration and exploration, let everyone feel the unique geographical and cultural humanities of Xiangxi One corner. crying marriage is a unique custom of Tujia. It has been inherited from ancient times to modern times. It is a way of hiding the girls heart by crying and singing. Psychological and delicate feelings are vividly expressed. Half a month before marriage, the bride began to cry, in the form of one crying, two crying, and many people crying together. off-site bonfire performance, Tujia hard qigong performance, three major sorcerer performances in Xiangxi (including Shangdaoshan, walking iron plow, Xiahuohai), Large Tujia swing dance performance. [Travel Tips]: Xiangxi rushed to the body, live music horror, the scene is gloomy, please watch the show, you must look after the elderly, children and women around. [Address]: No. 20, Guihua Road, Wulingyuan District, Zhangjiajie City, Hunan Province [Tickets]: 188 "Charming Xiangxi" Ordinary Ticket / "Charming Xiangxi" VIP Ticket 208/"Charm Xiangxi" Super VIP Ticket 308.
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Traveling Zhangjiajie is a great pleasure in life Zhangjiajie has too many places to visit but there are 5 must-see attractions you must visit h 1 Golden Whip Creek is known as Shanshui Gallery. The well-known golden route is the largest stream landscape in Zhangjiajie, which is different from other scenery in Zhangjiajie. 2 Wulongzhai is famous in the Yangjiajie, the core scenic spot of Zhangjiajie, because the terrain is extremely dangerous. Three of them are closed: one step is difficult, who dares not bow, and shrinks into the valley. It is highly respected on the Internet, and because the mountain road is too steep, the tourists who are sighing physically weakly regret to return halfway; there is also an attraction in Wulongzhai: Tianbofu: a typical bandit. The top ladder is basically at an angle of 90. It is necessary to use both hands and feet to climb up 3 Tianmenshan glass path, glass plank road, which is the essence of the Tianmen Mountain. The west line plank road is 60 meters long and operates first; the east line plank road is 150 meters long and operates afterwards. The plank roads are all built on cliffs. The roads are all made of transparent glass. Walking on top, you can see the deep valley under your feet, and you will feel the joy of walking in the air. 4Tianmenshan National Forest Park Tianmen Mountain, anciently known as Yunmeng Mountain and Qiliang Mountain, is the highest mountain in the Yongding District of Zhangjiajie. Only 8 km from the city
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