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2020년 8월 3일
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2020년 8월 4일
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2020년 8월 5일
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2020년 8월 6일
곳에 따라 맑고 때때로 뇌우

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#도시여행 #크로아티아 #자그레브 크로아티아의 수도 자그레브 입니다 슬로바키아에서 국경을 넘어 건너왔는데 크로아티아는 EU 회원국이지만 쉥겐조약에 가입하지 않은 까닭에 따로 입국 심사를 받아야 했어요.  화폐도 유로가 아닌 쿠나(kuna)를 씁니다.. 국경에서 입국 심사를 마치자 바로 톨게이트가 나와 통행료를 받구요 이때 쿠나가 없으면 거스름돈 안주는 경우도 있으니 미리 준비해가시면 좋아요~ 반 옐라치치 광장 인근에 숙소를 잡고 광장으로. 고풍스러운 건물들로 둘러싸인 옐라치치 광장이 자그레브에선 가장 번화한 곳이에요. 1848년 오스트리아-헝가리 제국의 침입을 물리친 옐라치치 동상이 광장 가운데를 차지하고 있고, 광장 한 켠엔 돌라치 노천시장이 들어서 꽃과 과일을 파는 노점들을 둘러봤어요. 이곳에서 가장 많이 사가는 기념품이 라벤더 인데 굳이 그냥 한국에서 사심이,,^^; 광장 주변은 자그레브 중심부답게 사람들로 꽤나 붐볐네요   옐라치치 광장 오른쪽으로 조금 오르면 주교좌 성당인 자그레브 대성당이 나오는데 성 스테판 성당으로도 불려요. 가장 고액권인 1,000쿠나 지폐 뒷면에 그려진 인물이에요~ 첨탑 하나는 수리 중이라 온전한 모습을 볼 수는 없었음에도 되게 웅장하고 멋졌습니다 지금은 수리가 다 되었겠네요 #도시여행
작성일: 2020년 7월 15일
Zagreb Day Tour Raiders: Zagreb, the capital of Croatia and the largest city, is the political, economic and cultural center of Croatia and belongs to an ancient Central European city. There are a lot of old buildings left. There are Sava rivers in the territory. Transport: There are airports, there are more transits in Moscow, there is no direct flight in China. I can also take the bus to arrive. I came here from the Slovenian capital by bus. It is not very far away, and the traffic is fairly convenient. The whole of Croatia is dominated by buses. The city is basically a tram. Of course, it is no problem to walk all the way. The station will take 25 minutes to the city center. Hotel: Angel Plaza Hotel, is a homestay, you need to check in first, then go to another old building, the bed and breakfast is on the spire, the conditions are very good, you can also cook your own food. : Croatian truffles are super famous! Black truffles, white truffles, truffle sauce, truffle oil, as the capital of Croatia, it is no better to buy some truffle products in Zagreb. Route: Jelacic Square - Zagreb Wall - Assumption Cathedral - St.Mark. church - Lost Love Museum B&B is on the Jericci Square, at the top to see people coming It is a good choice, it is surrounded by shops, and it is very convenient to buy things. The city is basically walking on foot. It is enough to watch the signs follow. Of course, it is divided into the city and the lower city. It is connected by the old iron cable car. If you don't want to walk, just take the bus. The Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin is also called the Zagreb Cathedral. It is just behind the square. It is free to visit and there is maintenance outside. The style of this church has changed many times, Gothic-Baroque-Gothic It is now Gothic and the tallest building in Zagreb, 105 meters. In the urban area of Zagreb, there are many places like hill slopes. Looking up and looking at the panorama is very good. St.Mark. The appearance of the church is very eye-catching, the lattice, I want the Croatian flag, so someone has been calling. If you eat, walk down the street, the taste of a family is good, and the price is very low, so you don't have to worry about it. The lost love museum is a very special place, with more than 1,000 exhibits donated by the Lost Lovers around the world, this is the world's first museum of lovelorn. Looking at the exhibits inside, it is best to use a poem to describe it, that is, "the same is the end of the world."
작성일: 2019년 5월 30일
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