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Rachel Yu
I have read a poem and like it very much. Mr. Wu Zhihua's "You Nanxi River Inscription": "The green mountains and rivers are heavy mountains, and the sunset is sloping on the pebble beach. The evening breeze is drunk, and the spring is attacking the heart. The clouds are in the jungle, and the play is only here. Want to stay at the bank of the Nanxi River, the Jiu Jiu Temple Tianwaixian, the poem truly portrays the beauty of the Nanxi River, depicting the beautiful scenery surrounded by green hills, green water, misty clouds, smoke and rain. We often visit a certain attraction before we learn about the poems related to it, and I learned that Nanxi River started with poetry. Nanxi River is known as the "cradle of Chinese landscape poetry". Throughout the ages, countless scholars and literati have left a poem here, praising this quiet place. Xie Lingyun, the famous poet who created the landscape poetry school, used the "Qingdan to be secluded and put the boat over the suburbs" to admire the beauty of the Nanxi River. Take the bamboo raft and go to the clear water to wash people's hearts. When the impetuous people come here, they can't help but calm down. The plants, trees and landscapes on both sides of the strait quietly exude a seductive light. Slowly flowing streams seem to sing, the stones at the bottom of the water seem to be painted, and the green plants on both sides of the river seem to be poems. This is the poetic Nanxi River. The time of drifting is very fast, and soon we have to go ashore. If you are not willing to leave, you may wish to take a short stay on the shore and enjoy the beauty of the place for a while. Ticket price: 55 yuan duration: 30 to 40 minutes
작성일: 2019년 1월 17일
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It seems that there is no impression on Cangpo Ancient Village. When you enter the ancient village, you know that there is no cave. It is a very unique ancient village. It is a surprise. He is located in the west of Yongxian Road, north of Yantou Town, Nanxi River in the south of Zhejiang. Cangdun, the land where Li surnamed lived, has a history of more than 800 years. Although the vicissitudes of the past tens of thousands of years, but the old Yan has not changed, still retain the walls of the Song Dynasty buildings, roads, houses, pavilions, temples, pools and cypresses, etc., showing a strong ancient meaning everywhere. The gate of the ancient village was built in the style of a building. It was built in the Southern Song Dynasty. It was built entirely of wood. It was built with big buckets, small buckets, joists and provocations. The six-story arch did not use a nail, and the roof was a heavy-duty mountain. The structure is dignified and simple. Hanging on the door, you can write four characters: Cangpoxi Gate. Cangpo Village Village is in the shape of a gossip. It is centered on the square-shaped drum-drum lane. It opens eight roads to the southeast and northwest. It passes through the villages eight-door door to the village. The village is based on the four treasures of the study. Make the layout. Into the wooden structure of the village gate, a straight stone road runs through the village, is a pen, called "Pen Street"; the middle of the stone road passes a bridge, made up of five well-sized stone strips, ink; the whole seat The largest part of the village is the lotus pond on both sides of the stone road, which is a raft; the rectangular village is paper. This layout of the four treasures of the study is a good interpretation of the farming culture. The main attractions in the ancient village are Zhaimen, Renji Temple, and Li's Ancestral Hall.
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Luochuan Village, Hesheng Town, Yongjia County, there is a pastoral ancient village that has retained more than 400 years of history called Ling Shangren. The village is backed by a mountain stream, surrounded by mountains and green, fresh air, known as the "natural oxygen bar." These villages have a thousand-year history and attract tourists with their unique ancient residential style and long-standing culture. There are several ways to go and go to every corner of the village. The sign at the entrance of the village clearly indicates where the store you are going is. Since the entire village is basically operating roast whole sheep, although the village is not large, there are not many households, but the brand is full of nails. Speaking of people on the ridge, the most coveted is the roast whole lamb, which is crispy and tender, oily and not greasy. On weekends, the village farmhouse is almost full. [Address]: Lingshang Village, Heshang Township, Yongjia County, Wenzhou City [Tickets]: Free [Traffic]: Public Transportation: At the North Railway Terminal, take a ride to Hesheng or Ling The bus in the head direction went to Hesheng to get off. Then take a bus from Hesheng to the people on the ridge. Automobile: 1, Yubei to Shangtang-Jiuzhang Bridge (right turn)-Nanxijiang-Yutou-Xiajiatun Bridge (right turn)-Dongyu-Hesheng-Hehewan-White Horse Temple (right turn) - Shiyanyan scenic spot - Lingshang people. 2, Yongtaiwen high-speed - Yandang Mountain exit - Furong Town - Yanhu direction along the Baiyan line - Shiyanyan scenic spot - Lingshang people. 3, Jinliwen Expressway - Yongjia Export - Going to Shangtang direction - Nine
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창포 고촌
Cangpo Ancient Village is quiet and leisurely. After thousands of years of vicissitudes of life, it is still full of life. Cobblestone paved roads, old eucalyptus trees, mottled ancient buildings, together with the villagers form a happy village scene. The architecture of Cangpo is a condensed ancient Chinese culture, and its architectural concept comes from the four treasures of the study. In the village gate of the wooden structure, a straight stone road runs through the village and is a pen; the middle of the stone road passes through a bridge, which is made up of five well-sized stone strips, which is ink; the largest part of the village is the stone road. The lotus ponds on both sides are shackles; the rectangular villages are paper. Renji Temple is a three-sided water-filled ancient building with a palace style. The corner of the Renji Temple is slightly curved, and the eaves are slightly curved. The ridges are gentle but full of tension. They are like wings to take off, stretch and generous, especially beautiful, avoiding the solemnity usually transmitted by ordinary temple buildings. Li's Ancestral Hall is the ethics center of Cangpo Village, and it is also a place for clan gatherings and major ethnic celebrations. In the past, every time you went to the round spectrum and worshipped the ancestors, the people who moved out were coming here to gather together. The scene was very spectacular. Through the clan activities such as the round spectrum and the ancestor worship, the ethnic groups and the unity were strengthened. Usually, the family was often decided here. Major incidents to resolve ethnic disputes.
Rachel Yu
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Among the many B&Bs in Nanxi River, there is a B&B Qinglan Mountain House, which has a bamboo charm, a hidden mountain forest, and elegant style, so many people go to the card to take pictures. playing route: If you want to take pictures, there is a set of kimonos in the mountain house that you can rent, but it is recommended to buy one, because the color is still good or you like it. public area introduction: there is a restaurant, living room Bar, Japanese courtyard. The three Japanese-style small buildings in the bamboo forest are more beautiful from the top to the bottom. They are restaurants, bars, boxes, and living rooms. The Japanese garden design in front of the main building is inspired by the famous Daegu-Shinjang B&B in Kyoto. The slabs laid in the courtyard are collected from the old houses in the village. In order to maximize the essence of the Japanese garden, from the placement of the slate, The splicing and position of the stone in the courtyard are extremely particular, and if there is a slight difference, it will have to come back. So casually, each piece can exude a quiet and distant little Kyoto flavor. Room Description: 12 rooms, from space structure to soft furnishings, all follow the original flavor and style, Japanese style pad, paper paste lattice door, exquisite small courtyard, Japanese bath room in place, sanitary ware, bed The products are all purchased from Japan and South Korea, and the furniture is made of local fir. The details are exquisite, comfortable and practical. Traffic strategy: Wenzhou Yongjia County, Nanxi River, Hesheng Town, Yucun Village (the road is very small, very small door, driving is easy to miss, contact with the butler in advance is better) per capita consumption: minimum 800 Yuanqi booking method: WeChat public number can be booked
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Wenzhou self-driving Quest | Old school building turned into Nanxi "Little Kyoto", Wenzhou's most beautiful Japanese-style B&B Wenzhou Yongjia County's bamboo forest, there is an abandoned primary school, a local designer met in 2016 It is determined to "make it a big change." It took three years to finally have the look of his ideal homestay. This is the Qinglan Mountain House. Wuzhou City departure, a little hour in the car, arrived in Yongjia's village, back to the mountain water, Qinglan Mountain house was wrapped in a bamboo forest. Only because of the high pursuit of beauty, the owner's requirements for the aspect ratio and position of the object are extremely strict, and strive to be in the mountain house, no need to deliberately find the shooting point, all the way is a good shooting angle. Pushing a wooden gate, three Japanese-style small buildings are arranged in turn, and the oncoming is a courtyard with a beautiful water view. It is not so much a courtyard built in the forest, it is more like it has been here long before. Vegetation, gravel, cloister, and trails are all about 10% of the aesthetics of Japanese gardens. The color scheme of red and black is quite popular. Welcome to the people who have spent time, all the supplies in the room are very advanced, but there is no network. The owner told us that if you come here, don't think about the noise of the world. Careful cultivation is the purpose here. Address: Yongjia Hesheng Town Village
Lemon Zhao
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