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It is said that the people in eastern Taiwan are enthusiastic. Not only the Taitung, Hualien and Yilan people, but also Guanxin really feels intimate care. Guanxiangs hot spring is located in the Lanyang Plain, Jiaoxi Hot Springs, here. You can enjoy the outdoor five-row health pool and the Jiaoxi hot spring fish pond. There is a quiet private bathing space in the room. Don't take the Jiaoxi as a stopover. It is really worth staying for a day or two. Unknown journey. Surprise you Yilan Jiaoxi Hot Spring - Sodium bicarbonate spring (beauty soup) Taiwan's very rare flat hot spring, which belongs to sodium bicarbonate spring, with color and odorless, and the water temperature is about 58 °C. And the world, except Italy, is the only hot spring that contains "phenolic base". After washing, the skin is smooth, soft and not sticky. Because it is rich in minerals such as sodium, magnesium, calcium, potassium and carbonate ions, it can be used for mineral beauty treatment, whether it is soaked, bathed or treated to make mineral water. / The hotel has 400 ping super outdoor style, all guests can use it free of charge, open bathing space, high jump shed to let the air circulate, enjoy the fun of bathing without any rain, here is not only the Jiaoxi hot spring fish pond The jacuzzi and shower room is decorated with warm yellow as the main color, and the retro design of the wind is both understated and elegant, with a pleasant and pleasant atmosphere
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