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추천 트립 모먼트
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From the nearest Red Rock Canyon in Zhengzhou, you can experience the 5km waterfall group in an hour Henan Province. There are not only many historical monuments, but also natural scenery. About an hour's drive from Zhengzhou to the southwest, it is in the Fuxi Mountain tourist area of Xinmi City. Among them, the Fuxi Grand Canyon is one of the scenic spots with beautiful scenery. Fuxi Grand Canyon, the nearest Red Rock Canyon in Zhengzhou, can be reached by car in just over an hour, especially suitable for weekends and small holidays. The scenery here is quiet, the mountains are reddish-brown, in stark contrast to the clear waterfalls and streams, and the 5km canyon is intoxicating. Walk in the Fuxi Grand Canyon. There are various waterfalls along the way. Although it is the early spring season, it is already abundant in water. It is a good place to relax in the summer. There are well-built wooden planks and steps in the mountains, and the scenery is beautiful. Tourists are in the painting. Not only beautiful scenery along the way, but also the profound human history of the Central Plains. Fuxi Mountain was named after Fuxi, the ancestor of the Huaxia civilization. Fuxi invented the gossip according to the changes of the heavens and the earth, and it has been passed down to this day. He also created calendars, domesticated livestock, etc. There are many legends of Fuxi and Nuwa in Fuxi Mountain. The most amazing thing is the beauty of the canyon. Although it is still early spring, the mountains have turned green early, the mountains are lush, the air is fresh, and the negative oxygen ion content is particularly high, which is suitable for relieving the stressful life of people in big cities.
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