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Jojos trip
Coming to Xilin Gol, the blue sky and white clouds are no longer a rare thing. It is said that the mood will be better when the weather is good. It is difficult to think about it in the day before. Hunshandake Sandy Land is one of China's top ten desert sands. Hunshandake Sandy Land is also a famous water desert in China. There are many small lakes, water bubbles and sand springs in the sand. Spring water emerges from the sand and gathers into the small river. In addition to riding a pickup truck, off-road vehicles are also an option, but relatively speaking, the price of off-road vehicles is higher. There are many wild animals and plants resources here, which are the breeding grounds for migratory birds, and there are many rare plants and herbs. Sitting in the pickup truck for a bumpy hour or two, it is a very rare experience. In the hinterland, it is a small sand dune. You can slide sand here, but I still choose to take photos here.
작성일: 2018년 12월 6일
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시린궈러,추천 트립 모먼트
시린궈러,추천 트립 모먼트
Respect local customs 1, travel by car or drive on the grassland or visit the herdsmen, see the herd should whistle early, or let the herd pass. 2, when the Mongolians toast to the guests, the guests should take the silver bowl with both hands and thank the owner, then use one hand to rub the silver bowl, and gently touch the silver bowl with the ring finger of the other hand. The wine is played three times in different directions, expressing respect for the heavens, respecting the land, and respecting the ancestors. 3, the ecological environment of the grassland is very fragile, so pay attention to protect the environment when traveling in the grassland, do not litter. Precautions and essential supplies 1. Sports suits, photographs with various skirts, large temperature difference between day and night, pay attention to bring warm clothing. 2. Sunglasses, hats, sun umbrellas, sunscreens are also essential, unless you are not afraid of being tanned. 3. Umbrellas and raincoats, because the weather is cloudy and uncertain, it is best to bring them in case of emergency. 4. The grassland sand is relatively large. It is recommended to bring a scarf, you can decorate the photo, or you can put a windshield on the head. 5. The climate in Inner Mongolia is relatively dry. After two or three days, the lips are foaming. For girls, lipsticks and masks must be brought. 6. Since it takes too long to take a car, it is recommended to bring a motion sickness medicine, a U-shaped pillow, an eye mask and other items. 7. If the itinerary is intensive, it may lead to untimely meal time. It is recommended to prepare some snacks and dry food in the bag. 8. There are more mosquitoes in the grassland. It is recommended to wear long pants or long skirts with some anti-mosquito bites. 9. Inner Mongolia's food is mostly beef and mutton. Friends with bad stomachs remember to bring some anti-diarrhea drugs. 10.China Telecom is at
시린궈러,추천 트립 모먼트
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Today, I am a western cowboy style. After all, I have to be intimately contact with the wolf. In fact, I am afraid that I will put on a gown in the sun. In the grassland, the temperature difference between morning and evening is big, and it is hot at noon. It is best to bring long-sleeved trousers early and late. To keep warm, and to protect from the sun. The last second is still fully armed, and the second one has already been shaped. This trip to the grassland is not only my dream journey, but also a filming trip. After all, the grassland is too good. Sunscreen, we must pay attention to sun protection, the sun in the grassland is very poisonous, and it will be a big red sun for a long time, so the sunscreen with high index must be prepared more, the scarf hat is essential, take pictures Quickly shoot, remember to re-wrapped yourself after the filming, or a few times a week, I have been very careful, but still feel black twice, my heart. We have been walking for about half an hour, of course, we have to count the time of taking pictures. The guide said that because of the lush vegetation and abundant water resources, wild animals often come to visit. . mainly yellow sheep, scorpions, marmots, foxes, wolves, etc. Birds mainly include swan, white bone top, spotted mountain, geese, lark, thrush, wild duck, seagull, black-bone chicken, and red-crowned crane. Xiao Bai said that every year at a fixed time, you can see the large-scale migration of the Yellow Sheep. The scene is particularly spectacular.
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