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Matouqin is the most traditional instrument on the prairie. I listened to the matouqin in the wind at the winter storage ceremony yesterday. But if you want to know more about the cleavage, you need to go to Qi Libao International Matouqin College of Xilin Gol Vocational College to feel more orthodox. Matouqin music. It is the only professional institution of matouqin in the country. It was founded by the legendary musician Qi Baoli of Matouqin. This name may be a bit strange to us, but it is definitely a big man on the grassland. His position in the music of Matouqin is unshakable. He created 80% of the matouqin music in the world and was frequently invited to domestic and international performances. It is definitely the pride of the grassland. This time we listened to a small concert played by middle school students at Qi Baoligao International Matouqin College. These children are only 13 or 14 years old, but they have all been modeled and The shy and serious look is really sighing, the powerful charm of art. After the children perform, they can also interact with the children, let them teach you how to take the bow, how to use the matouqin to pull out one, of course, the average person pulls out only the squeak, but hahahaha, but this experience is true Super good. This year's New Year, a matouqin New Year concert will be held here. Friends who are interested in Matouqin can come here to experience the charm of the matouqin, which will definitely make you unforgettable.
Winter fighting competition fighting - Mongolian, is the meaning of solid, "can not break, not bad, lasting forever." Bulke is one of the Mongolian traditional sports and recreational activities. People on the grassland call Mongolian wrestling "Buck". It is the first of the three major Mongolian sports (wrestling, horse racing, archery) and is very popular among people. On the prairie of the Ujumqin Banner in Xilin Gol League, the ice and snow fight is a lively event. I saw the handcuffs of the hand with the "Jiangxi", the upper body wearing "Zhuo Dege", the lower body of "Banjile", the foot of Mongolian boots into the venue. In the game, the fighters must ensure that they are stable, not to be knocked down by their opponents, but also to try to fall over the opponents in the "push, pull, press, pull" and other skills, which can be described as physical strength and intelligence, A battle between calm and flexibility, speed and passion. The audience screamed and shouted, and the mobile phone camera patted various pats, for fear of missing such exciting moments. Dongwuzhumuqin is famous in the Mongolian tribes. There are many fighting families and famous fighting hands, making the East Wuzhu Muqi flag become the cradle of the buzzing spirits. He has trained and delivered hundreds of outstanding fighters for the country and won numerous honors. Today, there are 28 national-level athletes registered in the East Ujimqin Banner, which is the first in the region, but it is very bad!
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