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JOJO’s wonderful trip   
When talking about Wudang, the first thing that jumped into the mind was the amazing scenery and the violent story of the rivers and lakes learned from the martial arts novels: I remembered the lofty status of the martial arts ear, and remembered the Taiji composed of large and small, changing circles. Boxing; think of the imposing buildings on the hills and the solemn drums of the morning bells. Junior high school obsessed with martial arts novels. At that time, in Jin Yong's pen, this famous mountain in the world is simply a fairy mountain pavilion. In "Eternal Dragon Sword", the young Zhang Sanfeng founded the martial art in Wudang Mountain, and finally became a rare genius in the history of Chinese martial arts. From this, how many times in the dream to travel to Wudang, how many times to fascinated with Wudang, how many times in the bottom of my heart asked: Wudang Qishan Xiushui, how many mysterious hidden? Wu Dings Zhong Lings show, how deep is it? The Wudang Mountain still maintains its natural original appearance. Whether it is the royal palace of the royal style surrounded by mountains and rivers, it is also the Taizi slope where the winding path of the mountain is built; whether it is the Nanyan Palace of the stone structure of the heavenly palace, or the Tianzhu Peak at 1613 meters above sea level Jindings unparalleled Golden Temple Taihe Palace, as well as the Forbidden City, which was built in the Forbidden City of Beijing; whether it is the Wudang Palace Wudang Ancient Wood, the one-of-a-kind shirt, or the Jiuqu Yellow River Wall of Taizipo, a pillar and twelve beams; The first fragrance of the rock palace in the world - the leading incense, or the eternal light of the 600-year-old in the Golden Temple of the Taihe Palace, and the Wudang Taijiquan created by the martyrdom of the Wudang Taoist priest Zhang Sanfeng at the end of the Yuan Dynasty and the early Ming Dynasty, all reflect the Taoist "Tao Law Nature". thought of.
작성일: 2018년 12월 12일
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