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Because we went to the volcanic ruins of Wudalianchi yesterday, we have to go to Wohushan to see the volcano today, so we are especially worried that Wohushan will not be as black as the old Montenegro. Just like a coal mountain, there is nothing to watch. Head When I walked into Wohu Mountain and saw the hillside where the grassland was flat and green, my heart was really secretly and shocked. This is in Wudalianchi, this and us. The scenery I saw yesterday was completely opposite! This is clearly coming to the grassland! Oh? There are so many sika deer on the hillside. My friends and I cant help but rush to the green grass, and then slow down, because Im afraid of disturbing the beautiful sika deer small deer is also a special close person (actually Just close to the corn kernels in my hand!), but they are really itchy when they lick your palms with your tongue. People who feed the deer can't help but laugh.
작성일: 2018년 12월 24일
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After coming down from Wohu Mountain, we went to the warmth of Wudalianchi. Wenbo is a bonsai-style volcano spectacle. The total length is more than 1,800 meters, the average water depth is 0.8 meters, and the deepest is about 2 meters. According to scientific determination, this is the core area of the high magnetic field of Wudalianchi. The underground volcanic lava flow that has not erupted in the most advanced part of Wudalianchi is below Wenbo, where the water has the highest degree of magnetization. Therefore, it is also the most ideal area for environmental magnetic therapy. The water temperature of the warm water keeps at around 14 °C for many years. Even when the ground temperature is below 40 °C, the temperature difference is 54 degrees or more, it is still not frozen, and the steam is hot. In a water area with exactly the same geographical conditions, the three landscapes are very different and different, which is amazing. Wenbo consists of three small lakes: source head mooring, mysterious mooring and Xianjing mooring. Warming is not frozen all year round. In the coldest "three nine" days, its general water temperature is 14 ° C, the southern water temperature is low, 8 ° C, and the north is as high as 14 ° C. In this land, the temperature difference is as large as 6 ° C. It seems to be a mystery, and it must not be surprising. According to geology and hydrologists, there is a geothermal outlet underground in the Shilong lava platform in the north of Wenbo. After the hot water emerges, it mixes with the cold water in the basalt, and then sneaked into the warm water to make the water temperature here. Keep it above 40 °C, the four seasons do not freeze, but the steaming, misty.
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