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The volcanic eruption in Wenbo Scenic Area has created a variety of lava micro-geomorphology for human beings. At the same time, it has created a beautiful scenery of springs and rivers. Wenbo is one of the most beautiful places. The poet praised: "The two songs of the Jiuwan Shilong River, three scenes and three sighs warm. The ice is snowy, the moss is green, the aloe flowers are dancing and welcoming." The Wenbo landscape is regarded by the tourism experts as the volcano "water and water wonders" in the north. The stream is beautiful, the spring is magical, and it can be compared with the South China Jiuzhai. The landscape scenery in the scenic spot includes: Shilong River water scenery line, Wenbo Sanjing, Wudalianchi overflow, and Shilongtaidi micro-landforms. This scenic spot is a geological wonder left by the new volcano when filling the ancient lake. It not only has a pleasant scenery, but also accumulates a history of billions of years of geological change. This feminine long river in Wenbo has a tragic folklore: a long time ago, the beautiful Lianchi fairy, with a charming hair, praised in the heavens, I did not expect her little love In order to block the raging North Sea Eye, the Black Dragon made a courageous way to make a stone dragon platform. The fairy was grief-stricken, cut off the long hair and sprinkled it around the Black Dragon. So the heavens and the earth moved, and the rainstorm lasted for three days. When the sky was reappeared, the show The hair was made into a long river, and it was inseparable from the stone dragon, until the end of the stone dragon. It is also strange to say that this river has two songs and nine lanes, which symbolizes "permanent permanent." The temperature of the warm water is kept at around 14 °C for four years, and the seasons are unchanged. So people say that Wenbo is the tears of Lianchi Fairy. In order to melt the black stone dragon, even if it is cold, it will be warm and hot, and the Shilong River will become There is a river that is not frozen.
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