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펑황산 국가삼림공원
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펑황산(봉황산) 국가삼림공원은 하얼빈 시 펑황산 관광지구 내에 위치하며 여행, 힐링, 피서, 휴양, 과학탐사, 탐험이 모두 가능한 생태 보호형 공원입니다. 공원 내에는 2개의 관광지구, 즉 펑황산 고산화원과 펑황산 대협곡이 있습니다. 한 줄기로 죽 이어진 여러 산봉우리와 깎아지른 듯한 절벽의 기이함이 가장 큰 특징이며 산중의 오래된 탑, 사찰 등과 조화롭게 어우러져 인문 경관과 자연경관을 두루 즐길 수 있는 관광지입니다. 훌륭한 생태환경과 기이하고 독특한 자연경관으로 널리 알려진 곳입니다.
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교외 지역
쉐구(설구)는 둥성린창(동승림장)이라 불리기도 합니다. 쉐구와 쉐샹(설향) 사이에는 양차오(양초산)산이 있어서 쉐구에서 쉐샹까지 걸어 가기 위해서는 양차오산을 넘어야 합니다. 쉐구는 양차오산의 뒤쪽에 있어서 겨울에는 많은 눈이 쌓이며 풍경이 훨씬 아름답습니다. 많은 관광객도 쉐구의 풍경이 더 아름다워 쉐샹보다 쉐구를 더 좋아한답니다.
Longfeng Mountain National Forest Park
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우창 시
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The first time I came to Dongsheng Snow Valley, I drove from Harbin for a long time. "Snow Valley" has the original charm of the deep forest and old forest. There is no pollution source here, there are not many tourists, and it is relatively quiet. Dongsheng Forest Farm is not big. There are horse-drawn sledges and dog sleds on the road. This is the starting point for hiking. Those who travel through this route will choose to stay in Snow Valley for one night. Highly recommended: hiking through the snow valley, this line from the snow valley to the snow town. The whole journey is 15 kilometers. We will first take the horse-drawn sledge to reach the point of hiking. The essence of the route from the snow valley to the snow town is the only place in the northeast where you can enjoy the deepest snow. It takes about five hours to cross the mountain snowfield, enjoy the most original natural scenery along the way, the most pure snow scene, enjoy this kind of hiking through the cold. The starting point is 400 meters high, and it rises 800 meters vertically. It passes through the highest point of 1200 meters. Ice and fog can be seen on the mountain. The weather is like a doll's face, and it changes. If you are lucky enough to catch up with the sunny day, the scenery is very rare. Recommendation: On foot, it is recommended to keep the hot water in the morning and bring the chocolate. You can do what you can, and you can take a snowmobile if you can't move. This route is generally very safe, but many people who walk alone have lost their way. Therefore, it is recommended to find a local leader or to participate in the club, there will be some protection.
작성일: 2018년 12월 20일
From high speed to rural roads, from the sun to the stars, this road from Harbin to Phoenix Mountain is beautiful, beautiful, we can't help but live in the cold night of minus twenty or thirty degrees. One hour. The bright moonlight still can't block the twinkling of stars, and a lucky star of a meteor Fang Buddha comes to me. I love this journey of comfort and soul freedom. There is only my heart between heaven and earth, the vast stars...
작성일: 2018년 12월 25일
Looking for the most beautiful winter in China | China. Snow Valley Xuexiang believes that in China, almost no one does not know whether it is its beauty or the negative news of various high prices, let this place Everyone knows. But behind Snow Country, there is also a place called "Snow Valley", which seems to have been known for nearly two years. Snow Valley and Xuexiang, only a few mountains, regular travel routes are generally from Harbin--Snow Valley--crossing--Snow Township. or, in turn, go. This route is about 7 hours away. It is not particularly hard. The Linhai Snowfield on the road through Heilongjiang is quite sensational. A lot of people may think it will be very cold. In fact, they walked up the road and climbed up the mountain. It was not cold at all. Snow Valley and Snow Country? what differences are there? Snow Valley, compared with Xuexiang, the flow of people is much less, the locals have to be simple. Many Snow Valley prices are much more than the snowy land, many, many Snow Valley photos do not have snowy towns A relatively famous mushroom house looks good, but the snow scene is pretty pretty Finally, I think if you don't want to go to Xuexiang squat in Heilongjiang, Snow Valley must be the best choice. I hope that Snow Valley will not follow the footsteps of Xuexiang, and hope that the people there are still simple.
작성일: 2018년 12월 4일
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