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Agent John   
The literary and art-rich Garth Street Wharf seems to have arrived at the waters of 798 Birmingham is an important city during the British Industrial Revolution. Large and small rivers form the developed water system of Birmingham. . These rivers that travel through the city transport a batch of supplies to various places and become the most important industrial area and transportation hub. Today, farewell to the industrial revolution, it has become a characteristic tourist culture block. Arrived in Birmingham, we first checked out Victoria Square, from Victoria Square, a 20-minute walk to the Garth Street Pier. When we arrived in Birmingham, the city was under construction and the traffic was very inconvenient. Walking was the best choice at the time. , first enter the fundus, is a red brick-built house, a small river runs through the center of the building, a small boat parked in the river It seems that it is still sticking to its mission. The pipelines and towering chimneys that transport coal mines tell the mark of the industrial revolution. Only nowadays, these small houses are put on new clothes, and the houses on both sides of the river have become bars along the street, with colored bouquets of street and walls. The white bridge leads to the bright color of the Garth Street Pier. On the bridge is the bronze statue of the British heavy metal rock band BLACK SABBATH. The city's industrial style, the literary and artistic rock music, and the various styles of bar shops make up the quiet Gars Street Pier, which seems to be in the 798 Art District floating on the water. Recommended tour time Slowly taking pictures while walking, about 1 hour is enough to visit. Tour fee free Additional item In addition to strolling on Jiashi Street, You can also choose to cruise the waterbus to feel the water in Birmingham, operating time 10 per day
작성일: 2019년 10월 17일
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