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Weifang Guandi Temple is located in the northwest corner of Shiyan Garden, Hujia Paifang Street, Xiangcheng District. It was built in the Song Dynasty. It is built to worship the Three Kingdoms and Guan Yu. It is the only ancient building in the center of Weifang that has the earliest establishment time, the largest scale, and the most complete preservation. In the dynasties after the completion of the Guandi Temple, local officials will rate their subordinates to worship at the annual Lunar New Year's Day, August 1st, and May 13th. On the first day of the lunar calendar and the fifteenth day of the lunar calendar, there are many ordinary people who go to burn incense and worship. Kong Rongzhen was built in the Song Dynasty and the Tang Dynasty for four years (AD 1114). From the time when the Hanzhou Taishou Han Hao and the general judge Murong Gong were built on the north wall of the Zhangzhou Office, and established the "Hope of the Confucius Temple", and at the same time built the "On the Ancient Church", and Zheng Xuan, Han Xizai and other 30 talented Deyi people The portraits are painted in the church, and they are combined in the church, and the "on the ancient monument".
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In the center of Weifang, Shandong, there is a garden in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The area is not large. It is named Shiyan Garden, which means that it is only as large as ten seesaws. The owner of the garden is Ding Shanbao, the richest man in the county of Qing Dynasty, and is therefore also known as the "Ding Jia Garden." The garden of Shiyan Garden is connected with a large piece of Ming and Qing Dynasties in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, reflecting the culture and customs of the Wei and Ming Dynasties. The city of Weifang was called Jixian in the Qing Dynasty. At that time, it was famous for its developed handicraft industry. It has the reputation of Southern Suzhou and Beijiao County. Zheng Banqiao, one of the eight strangers in Yangzhou, once wrote a poem in Qixian County. He wrote such a poem, "There are no lights in the three, and the city is full of flowers. The foreign songs are outside the clouds. " quaint courtyard, the houses are mostly built with blue bricks. They have the rigorous and regular architectural style of the northern region. The alleys divide the courtyard into several courtyards. is located at the intersection of north and south, reaching Beijing and Tianjin to the north and Suhang to the south. The style of the garden is also a combination of north and south, small and exquisite. Shiyanyuan was originally the home of Langzhong Hubangzuo in the Jiajing period of the Ming Dynasty. Zheng Banqiao lived here and Kang Youwei lived. In the eleventh year of the Guangxu reign of Qing Dynasty (AD 1885), Shiyanyuan was purchased by the richest man in Dingshan County, Ding Shanbao, as a private school, and was repaired. It has today's scale.
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Located in the northeast Hanting District of Weifang City, Yangjiatun Folk Customs Grand View Garden is the most complete and concentrated area of local traditional crafts. Come here to see craftsmen knit kites, make woodcut New Year pictures, and ancient folk houses with local characteristics during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Close to the Spring Festival, there is a lantern set up here, a peaceful and joyful weather. Weifang is the international kite capital. At the beginning of the Ming Dynasty, there was a handicraft workshop for large-scale production of kites. It has continued until now. At the International Kite Festival held every year, Yang Jiaxuans kites will achieve good results. Results. Entering the scenic spot from the city gate, whether it is a tall attic or a low dwelling, it is a simple vicissitudes. You can walk to the wall through a step, but only a short section of the opening. During the Spring Festival, there will be a grand lantern festival. The workers are setting up lanterns. It is the Year of the Monkey. Many of these lanterns are set around the story of Journey to the West. There is a kite museum in the city center, and there is also a kite museum in the Yangjiatun scenic spot. All kinds of kites can be seen here. Yang Jiaxuan's kites combine traditional kites and woodcut New Year pictures to make them more clever. The annual International Kite Festival is a platform for international exchanges using kites. Long faucet kites always attract attention.
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