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Located in the northeast Hanting District of Weifang City, Yangjiatun Folk Customs Grand View Garden is the most complete and concentrated area of local traditional crafts. Come here to see craftsmen knit kites, make woodcut New Year pictures, and ancient folk houses with local characteristics during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Close to the Spring Festival, there is a lantern set up here, a peaceful and joyful weather. Weifang is the international kite capital. At the beginning of the Ming Dynasty, there was a handicraft workshop for large-scale production of kites. It has continued until now. At the International Kite Festival held every year, Yang Jiaxuans kites will achieve good results. Results. Entering the scenic spot from the city gate, whether it is a tall attic or a low dwelling, it is a simple vicissitudes. You can walk to the wall through a step, but only a short section of the opening. During the Spring Festival, there will be a grand lantern festival. The workers are setting up lanterns. It is the Year of the Monkey. Many of these lanterns are set around the story of Journey to the West. There is a kite museum in the city center, and there is also a kite museum in the Yangjiatun scenic spot. All kinds of kites can be seen here. Yang Jiaxuan's kites combine traditional kites and woodcut New Year pictures to make them more clever. The annual International Kite Festival is a platform for international exchanges using kites. Long faucet kites always attract attention.
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