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The vast territory of the United States has created many original national parks. Most of the national parks are mainly concentrated in the central and western regions, so due to limited time, we have selected 3 national parks, which are also the most famous American Yellowstone Park, Grand Teton Park (and the Yellowstone Park joint ticket). The Grand Canyon of the Colorado (South Gorge), which runs around three national parks, is interspersed with Las Vegas and the Angel City of Los Angeles. D1 Shanghai Fly Los Angeles, Los Angeles Fly Salt Lake City, live in Salt Lake City D2 Salt Lake City - West Yellowstone, live in West Yellowstone D3 Yellowstone Park, live in West Yellowstone D4 Yellowstone Park The next eight characters, Yellowstone Park - Jackson, live in Jackson D5 Grand Teton Park, Jackson - Salt Lake City, live in Salt Lake City D6 Salt Lake City fly to Las Vegas, Las Vegas city tour, live pull Vegas D7 Las Vegas Half-Day Tour, Las Vegas-Tusayan, Live in Tussanyan D8 Grand Canyon South Gorge Helicopter, Grand Canyon South Gorge on foot, Grand Canyon South Gorge - Peggy, live in Peggy D9 up and down Antelope Valley, Peggy - Las Vegas, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, live in Los Angeles D10 Los Angeles Globe, live in Los Angeles D11 Los Angeles fly to Shanghai Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, these three cities and surrounding national parks, if you have enough driving energy and time, you can drive all the way.
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它曾是通往 美国 西部的主要 通道 ,对沿途的许多地区的经济帮助极大。靠这条公路经商的人们由于公路的出名而逐渐 富裕 起来。也正是这些人,在66号公路即将被“州际高速公路系统”取代时奋力争取这条公路的生存。66号公路最后还是因为不再能胜任日益繁忙的州际交通而被迫退役,取而代之的是州际高速路,此路在 伊利诺伊州 , 新墨西哥州 以及 亚利桑那州 中的路段被定为National Scenic Byway,取名Historic Route 。于是ROUTE以此面貌又重新回到了 美国 地图上。 ROUTE66忒长,如果不是有特别情结的话,这里推荐两段。 从 洛杉矶 出发到 拉斯维加斯 可以走上一段,从 拉斯维加斯 去 大峡谷国家公园 的时候也可以走上一段,和全程高速的洲际公路相比并不会多花费很多时间,但是乐趣多了不少。 在GOOGLEMAP上并不能直接选择66号公路的路线,但是在上述两段路程里高速公路上会见到有ROUTE66标示的出口,别犹豫,下去! 如果是走 洛杉矶 到 拉斯维加斯 段,可以在GOOGLEMAP上搜索GHOST TOWN,导航会引导你经过ROUTE66抵达目的地。 整条公路上指不定什么时候就会出现一些在路边的小店,保留着若干年前的样貌,现在的ROUTE66就像个天然的 美国 公路文化博物馆,处处见证着这条伟大公路的兴衰过往。 完全无法预测在这条公路上行驶会见到的景色,除了大段大段笔直到可以数分钟不用动方向盘的直路之外,路边这些废弃的汽车就是最大的亮点。
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Zion National Park is located in the southwestern United States of Utah. Covering a total area of 229 square miles, the main attraction is the Zion Canyon, which is 15 miles long and half a mile deep. Its red and yellow-brown Navajo sandstones are divided by the tributary of the Weiqin River. Other famous features include the White Great Throne, the Chess Mountain Wall Group, the Korobu Arch, the Three Holy Fathers and the Weiqin River Pass. This is the only place in several national parks where there is water in the trip. The rest are wilderness. The main attractions mentioned above need to be reached on foot. This is also the only park in all the parks I have visited this time. I am forced to transfer to the scenic spot bus to enter the scenic spot. The equipment I bring is 7788. It is difficult for me to carry these buses to go hiking on foot. So, Still wandering around the river. people are not as good as days, not counting this weekend is just a small holiday of the American people, the surrounding hotels are all full, in order to save money and want to take some pictures in the night, I am in the car I had a good night, and I stopped at the lee of the park. I met the police patrol in the middle of the night and told me to go to the camp after the photo was taken. I was very obedient. I drove outside the park at night and slept in the mountain. When I woke up, I saw a sign not far away, which was written on it, careful to drop the stone. . . . .
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