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트립 모먼트

미국,추천 트립 모먼트
Going to Cebu only knows to go straight to the island? In fact, the city is beautiful and fun!

There are many people who mentioned that the Philippines only knows Boracay, Manila. But few people know this bead of the Bohai Sea - Cebu. Cebu is located in a traffic fortress and it is very convenient to go to other popular tourist destinations. Most people in Bohol need to go to Cebu, but they have not stopped too much. This time we can also feel the no-addition as a transit in Cebu. The local life of the Filipino people, of course, Cebu is also a big island, including Bohol, etc. It is written here that Cebu is mainly the urban area and the second largest city in the Philippines.

I saw Cebu at first sight, just like a rainbow, giving me the feeling of being colorful.

There are many elements of the poor countries of Southeast Asia, which are messy, crowded, and even see a group of tramps lying on the streets, but they have very rich and lovely colors. Walking down the street, I saw countless motorcycles and Jeepney four-wheelers. The pedestrians on the street waved and the cars even jumped up when they couldnt wait.

Cebu is an elegant old city that has washed away the old castles and streets. Although Cebu is the largest economic center in the Philippines except Manila, people are still walking slowly and uncontested. Today, Cebu still retains many ancient relics related to Magellan, the first cross in Asia - the famous Magellan cross, the legendary Cathedral of the Holy Baby. The integration of various ethnic groups has also created interesting cultural phenomena. Few people will make too many stops in Cebu City. Instead, I suggest spending some time visiting museums, churches, monuments, theaters and listening to stories about this ancient city.

Recommended attractions:
1, [Magellan Cross]
Recommendation Index:
Magellan's cross is in the auditorium. The cross still stands in the central area of Cebu, and Magellan has already died in the tribal clashes in Cebu. His volunteering around the world cannot be achieved by himself. The remaining half of the voyage is done for him by the other crew of his fleet. The dome of the auditorium also describes the story of Magellan's preaching in Cebu.

2, [Holy Child Church]
Recommendation Index:
is next to the Magellan Cross, very close. The architecture and sculptures are clearly European in style, with many statues of Catholic gods. The most famous nature is the 40-cm-high wooden Jesus Christ image, the oldest icon in the Philippines. Even if you don't have religious beliefs, you can feel the old and sincere atmosphere.

3, [Colum Road]
Recommendation Index:
Colum Road is the oldest street in Cebu, and the place where you can feel the life of local people, whether it is Buildings or streets have a strong sense of life, and all the buildings are very bright, looking for fun in a poor and simple life. There are so many small shops, simple but warm. All the colors of trucks and motorcycles are gathered here!

Although I only stayed in Cebu for a short day, I also visited a few famous attractions and felt the hustle and bustle of the city. Compared with such attractions, I prefer to go. Looking at their lives on the street, there are also a lot of cute Jeepney cars. I am willing to do most of the time and do nothing, just press the shutter to record these cars in the camera. I will see later, that is, I am the biggest in Cebu. Thoughts.
미국,추천 트립 모먼트
나트랑 빈펄 리조트
Nha Trang and the high cost-effective Nha Trang Pearl Paradise

Nha Trang Pearl Paradise has the reputation of Vietnamese Disney. The ticket price is about 270 yuan. It is much cheaper than the Disneyland tickets. There are various mobile games, 4D. Cinemas, zoos, aquariums, botanical gardens, although not as fun as Ocean Park and Disney, but the invincible seascape and castle landscape, the photo as the background is first-class, the tourists in the park are basically Vietnamese natives, Russians, Chinese and Koreans, but the ones who feel the most are the motherland. It seems that they are not foreign.
Amusement Raiders:
1, before entering the park, you can get the Chinese map of the park at the ticket office and the cable car. The most important thing is to take a list of the locations and times of various performances. Version).
2, the little partner who is afraid of the sun is recommended to buy the evening tickets after 16:00. We buy tickets for the whole day. I go there early in the morning, I can't get enough, just want to hide in a cool place and sit and rest. . The water park is closed at 18:00. If you want to go to the water park if you buy an evening ticket, it is recommended to go first.
3, remember to bring protective equipment such as sunscreen, sunscreen spray, sun protection clothing, hat, sunglasses, umbrella, etc., Nha Trang's sun-tanned skin is hot.
4, the most people line up is the alpine speeding car, it is recommended to enter the park to go to the queue to play this, if you think it is fun, you can brush two or three.
5, the best VIEWPOINT recommended by the individual has three places. One is the right hand side after entering the park, you can see the Nha Trang Pearl Theatre like a Greek temple; the second is to go left and go down the stairs. It is possible to photograph the super beautiful castle landscape; the third is the Japanese garden near the North African Botanical Garden, where the scenery feels like being in Japan.

It is recommended that you purchase products including round-trip transfers on Trip and other major travel websites in advance. The price is about 287-291 yuan, which is still very cost-effective.

Ticket price:
16:00 before VND 880,000 (about 270 yuan), after 16:00 VND 450,000 (about 139 yuan)
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