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트립 모먼트

미국,추천 트립 모먼트
The Forbidden City shoots a large film Avoid the crowd to shoot the most beautiful Forbidden City + color filter get

do not know who gave me the courage, the New Year's most people come to Beijing, the Forbidden City is even more crowded, but my Forbidden City photo Sending to a circle of friends, everyone was shocked. "Why are you visiting the Forbidden City?"

/ Hh/[How to take a picture]
After entering the palace, the middle of the road is full of people, but the surroundings are particularly empty. I started shooting many photos on both sides.
You can use the red wall red window as the background, or you can shoot on the red column. You can shoot in a large area of red. How to shoot is beautiful!
If the weather is the best, the red wall is the most beautiful with the blue sky, but unfortunately when I go, it is white. The
is the most extensive place, as well as the Ci Ning Palace, the Treasure Officer, and the red wall near the Treasure Hall. It is very easy to take pictures.
, you can wear a red system, I also paired with a red bag, but unfortunately the day is too cold, there is no off jacket, but as long as you can see some red parts, the film effect is still good.

[+filter toning]
The red color of the Forbidden City is not recommended to be too bright, and the brick red with lower saturation looks more advanced and has a feeling of palace.
So I used the VSCO filter C8 and lowered some saturation appropriately.
If the background accidentally photographs passers-by, you can smear it with the mosaic pen or eliminating pen in Mito Xiuxiu!
미국,추천 트립 모먼트
To say that this temple of the Spring Festival in Beijing is the most eye-catching, it is definitely not the Forbidden City! It has a history of more than 600 years. In the Forbidden City of the Imperial Palace in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the grand "Full Year in the Forbidden City" was held in this Spring Festival to reproduce the grand occasion of the Royal Year!

This year's Spring Festival is full of the taste of the Forbidden City. In the open area, the New Year's decoration is restored according to the old customs of the Qing Dynasty. Beautiful lanterns are also hung under the eaves. The exhibition of "New Year's Eve" cultural relics is mainly concentrated on the geese wing of the Wumen Gate. The geese wing is also set up under the "Land of the Emperor Qianlong".

The focus is coming! In front of the Qing Palace, the two erected lanterns, which are erected in the wind, are the first to be re-enacted in the last 200 years! In the early and middle of the Qing Dynasty, the Longevity Lamp was a standard action during the Spring Festival, but it was cancelled by the thrifty Emperor Daoguang in 1840. Now the re-enacted Wanshou lamp is the forecourt to check the detailed information, and from the warehouse to find the lamp body model, the lamp joint sample, the original light pole re-created!

This shouguang lamp is really not simple, there are more than ten meters high, there are eight immortal wood carvings, hanging under the arm of Wanshou Baolian, a total of eight, two longevity lamps are sixteen. In order to prevent the lamp from swinging, there is also a copper drum towing under the lamp.

"Tianguang" is also the first time in nearly 200 years! The skylight and the longevity lamp are extremely high in size, and are only set in the dry palace, the emperor's palace and the Jianfu Palace. Today, these places also have stone seats for installing sky lanterns and longevity lights.
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