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The vast territory of the United States has created many original national parks. Most of the national parks are mainly concentrated in the central and western regions, so due to limited time, we have selected 3 national parks, which are also the most famous American Yellowstone Park, Grand Teton Park (and the Yellowstone Park joint ticket). The Grand Canyon of the Colorado (South Gorge), which runs around three national parks, is interspersed with Las Vegas and the Angel City of Los Angeles. D1 Shanghai Fly Los Angeles, Los Angeles Fly Salt Lake City, live in Salt Lake City D2 Salt Lake City - West Yellowstone, live in West Yellowstone D3 Yellowstone Park, live in West Yellowstone D4 Yellowstone Park The next eight characters, Yellowstone Park - Jackson, live in Jackson D5 Grand Teton Park, Jackson - Salt Lake City, live in Salt Lake City D6 Salt Lake City fly to Las Vegas, Las Vegas city tour, live pull Vegas D7 Las Vegas Half-Day Tour, Las Vegas-Tusayan, Live in Tussanyan D8 Grand Canyon South Gorge Helicopter, Grand Canyon South Gorge on foot, Grand Canyon South Gorge - Peggy, live in Peggy D9 up and down Antelope Valley, Peggy - Las Vegas, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, live in Los Angeles D10 Los Angeles Globe, live in Los Angeles D11 Los Angeles fly to Shanghai Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, these three cities and surrounding national parks, if you have enough driving energy and time, you can drive all the way.
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