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Follow this path to enter the scenic spot. The greening of the scenic spot is very good. Walking in it, I feel that the whole air has become better. The left and right sides of the trail are clear lakes. The morning wind is big, and the water surface is slightly swaying. Going inside, there are also typical Huizhou buildings. Looking at the Huizhou architecture, the most typical feature is the horse head wall. The grey building is matched with the surrounding green plants, which is also a good thing. Look out from the window, the bridge is flowing, the red lanterns, although the weather is a bit gloomy, but it will not hinder the goodwill of Jiangnan. Jiangnan has a lot of water, and it is no exception here. In a place with lots of water, there are many bridges. This bluestone bridge spans the river and walks on it. It seems to have entered the old time. The road is supported by wooden stakes. After the rain, the color is a bit dark. The ancient road is lined with 12 zodiac signs. This is a very cute rabbit.
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Recently, I have been listening to a song called "The city routine is deep and I want to go back to the countryside." Perhaps the recent smog in the Imperial Capital is more serious. Perhaps it is the recent pressure to feel that life is relatively big, maybe it is homesick... I don't know why, I want to find a village to see! Occasionally, I came to Xinfeng Village, Lushan Township, Tonglu County, Hangzhou, to come to this beautiful place called Tonglu Secret Mountain Life. The car departed from Tonglu County, and it took more than an hour to get there. When I got off the bus, I asked the driver if we were in the wrong place. How could it feel like it? Is there a problem with the navigation? ...... Down the stone road, the roadside is a wall made of stone, the wooden door, perhaps the reason of living in the countryside from an early age, came here to have a special kind of intimacy. Entering from the wooden door, I instantly remembered the childhood of Luo Dayou, the banyan tree by the pond. Its just a swimming pool. The terrain of my home is very similar to this one. The front is the big pond in our village. Speaking of the secret, looking at the name, I feel that this place is definitely a secret place. When I came, I found out that it was true. In this village called Xinfeng Minority Village, it is a place that few outsiders know. There are only a few dozen ancient villages, and the secret environment is equivalent to contracting the entire valley. There are currently 17 different guest rooms in the secret environment, which are divided into three phases. The rooms have single-family hot spring rooms, single-family homes, and tatami rooms in the shop, so that they can meet the needs of different guests.
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