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A thick country house in the village of Tonglu, also won the title of Silver B&B awarded by the Zhejiang Provincial Tourism Bureau. The thick courtyard maintained the original appearance of the village, and was reconstructed on the basis of maintaining the original style. The reconstruction is far more than a reversal. It's much harder. In order to preserve the appearance of the house, the workers removed the original stone wall and removed them. After the reinforcement and repair, they were returned by the number. The original internal hardware facilities are quite perfect. Each villa has 2-5 rooms. The decoration style of each building is different. My personal favorite is the industrial style villa. The vision of the owner of the thick house is to create a traditional Chinese village that rivals the European countryside.
작성일: 2018년 12월 8일
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In the blink of an eye, I went to the hot summer day. During the Dragon Boat Festival holiday last week, I went to Tonglu Huxiaoxia with friends to have a drift, which was exciting and cool. There were still several places on the way to play with water and water. It is the most suitable project for summer play. Let me introduce it to you. Actually, why did I go to Huxiaoxia, I also saw these keywords, "10 km long strange canyon", "more than 260 meters high drifting", "more than 50,000 square meters of water", simply It is very exciting to look at these. Huxiaoxia Drifting is located in the town of Caodu, Tonglu, Zhejiang. It is located in a mountain forest valley surrounded by green trees. The environment and air are very good. It is the appearance of nature that many people like because it is next to a hydropower station. Therefore, there is plenty of water here, which is one of the best places to go drifting in Zhejiang and even the Yangtze River Delta. The drifting of is 10 kilometers long, and the time that can be played is also relatively long in the drifting. Because the canyon is deep, thrilling, and the sound is like a tiger, it is named Huxiaoxia. The whole drift time is probably About one and a half hours or so, if you play with water in the middle, it will take 2-3 hours to drift. Tips: 1, Huxiaoxia tickets 180 yuan, the purchase of tickets on the network are basically 170 yuan, if it is a group ticket, it will be cheaper, 140 yuan. 2, if you want to take pictures, the best shooting equipment should be go pro, the phone can use waterproof bag, but the shooting is not convenient, and there is danger of water entering. 3, Tonglu is not far from Qiandao Lake. If you have enough time, you can consider a line to play, and the high-speed rail also has direct access.
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Tonglu Langshi Golden Beach was once the famous waterfront station of the ancient Tang Dynasty. The scenic spot can be seen in Jingminglou, Longyintang and other historical relics. Celebrities Xu Xiake and Fan Zhongyan have visited Tonglu. Jingminglou is to commemorate the Northern Song Dynasty Fan Zhongyan. Built. Into the Langshi Golden Beach scenic spot, in the distance to the green hills near the green hills, the air is unusually fresh and natural, along the jungle path, you can see that the Langshi Golden Beach Challenge Gate is also a red-sounding card, you can try your body. Walk to Jintan to play, next to the yellow cobblestone beach, docked with dragon boat and bamboo boat. We sat on the bamboo poles and wandered in the clear waters of the mountains. The sun reflected on the face and the boat was in Langshijin. In the beautiful scenery of the beach, it seems as if people are in the middle of the painting, sit on the boat and wait for the shuttle to be sent to the gate of the scenic spot. This time, there are 2 projects, one is the challenge gate, the other is the bamboo boat cruise, and the bamboo forest of Jintan stands tall and beautiful. . The scenic area of is open and flat. There are small mushrooms on the lawn. It is suitable for friends and family gatherings. There are also outdoor development, camping barbecues, and farmhouses. You are free and free to spend a good holiday. TIPS Langshi Golden Beach Address, Langshi Village, Hengcun Town, Tonglu County, Hangzhou Time, 08
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