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추천 트립 모먼트
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On the day of the trip to Tonglu, the weather was fine. It took about an hour's drive from Hangzhou to Tongzi Village in Tonglu. When I woke up in the car, I found a whole blue-green lake outside the window. This is An inner lake pooled by the tributaries of the Fuchun River, surrounded by green mountains and green waters. Check in the hometown of the town of B&B is also highly recommended by friends, simple but not simple, is my favorite tone. According to the owner of the hotel, the original Lutz was in the process of building the receipt in the traditional culture. It took more than two years from the start of construction to the opening of the business. He retained all the things he could keep in design. Try not to destroy the grass and the wood, retaining the most primitive and natural state. The overall construction area of the B&B is about 600 square meters, but only 7 rooms have been built. The interior of the bed room I stayed in has a large interior area, the texture of the logs, the unpretentious design concept, and the surrounding The beauty of the scenery, abandoning the hustle and bustle of the big city, returning to the embrace of nature, this should be the dream of many office workers. She and her husband have raised three cats and one dog. This name is Garfield, which is called the mushroom. It was rescued by the boss. The teeth are not very good. Every day, you need to feed carefully. Cute little animals, she and her husband had to shorten the number of days and trips, no matter how far they went, there was always a tie in the house. They often interact with the guests in the inn, like the inn's waiters, and the guests who come to them all regard them as the owner of the inn!
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