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티베트,추천 트립 모먼트
RV travel is the best way to travel slowly, experience the local customs and enjoy the scenery along the way. Far from the traditional travel methods of airplane + train + hotel + car rental.

1, health status, this is a topic that can't be avoided by the hotel. The total loss of the golden hoop stick has opened the fig leaf of the hotel industry. Five-star hotels still can't tell the correct usage of rags, other small hotel hotels, what else can you expect from it? Count on yourself, drive a car to travel, use your own quilt, sleep on your own bed! Peace of mind!

2, eating, living is a problem, you dont know how many trench oils there are in the roadside store... This is not an alarmist. If you have done a meal, you know whats going on, the doorway is The oil is for the guests. What kind of oil can you use for the kitchen? In addition to the local specialty snacks, you can eat it yourself, and eat it yourself most of the time.

3, OK, the main function of the RV, compared with the car sedan, you have a little anxiety on the road. No need to hurry! Before going out to play, first determine the area, in the determination of the attractions, once the basics are determined, they will not change. The purpose is clear, but the problem that comes with it is that when the time is up, everything is arranged, even if it is self-driving tour, there is no feeling of "touring" at all. It feels that traveling once is more tired than going to work! I am tired, my family is not easy! With the RV completely different, the destination is also determined, but when looking for an attraction, it is not necessary to consider whether the surrounding area is complete! I am taking my own home, I am afraid of it! Where to go to sleep...

4, and ordinary self-driving tour must be, the attractions are not the same. RV tour, find the place recommended by the riders for parking in the RV. These places are generally the holy places for local people to take a weekend outing. As long as the time to go is correct, there are not many people. Even if you go to some big attractions, you can live directly in the parking lot outside the attraction one day in advance. When you rush to the next day, enter the scenic spot early, and the play is completely different! Don't look at the head! We are serious in viewing the scenery!
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