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작성일: 2017년 11월 30일
Tengchong, located in the foothills of Gaoligong Mountain, is a famous geothermal town. The volcanic group is large in size, well preserved and in various forms. It is known as the Natural Geological Natural Museum. The entrance to the park is an external wall made of volcanic stones. Above the entrance and exit are three pointed-cone structures that symbolize the volcano. Standing at the door, I could smell the smell of sulfur and look at the large trees that dare to grow on the volcano. I couldn't help but go in and find out. Driving to the foot of the volcano, the rest of the road depends on two legs. In its quiet years, people built brick bridges and stone steps. At the foot of the bridge, facing the volcano, from this point of view, as if only need a triple jump, you can jump to the tip of the volcanic mountain. After crossing the bridge, I discovered that this volcano is going through the jungle on the mountainside, stepping on the stone steps and climbing up the ground. Go to the block stone, read it carefully, and know the origin of the "small empty mountain" at the foot. The name "Xiaokong Mountain" is often called with the volcanic property of selling volcanoes. When the lava tigers rushed down the mountain, the "small empty mountain" now has a delicate texture hidden in the green plants. . I walked up the plank road on the top of the mountain and walked around the crater. I thought about the passage in the mountain under my feet. There was a passage to communicate with the earth. Maybe the earth had told her anger before the millennium. If there are still some small cracks in the center of the earth, what is the symmetry point on the other end of the earth? In the Volcanic Geothermal National Geological Park, you can take a hot air balloon and explore the panorama of the small empty mountain from a height.
작성일: 2018년 12월 7일
"Harmony harmony" promises a smooth and peaceful meaning. Since ancient times, this place is a paradise. The four characters of "Harmony and Harmony" were inscribed by Premier Zhu when he inspected the ancient town. Did the careful friends find that there was one less word, and yes, the harmonics were missing, and Premier Zhu said that the world is too peaceful. Then add this pen. It is often seen that the old people in Heshun Town are drinking and selling pine cakes. Heshun ancient town archway, all over the ancient town, the entire ancient town also maintained the architectural style of the Ming and Qing Dynasties has not changed, like a legendary paradise. The Heshun Library, the mottled railings, is the footprint of the years. Put your fingertips on, cool. From here, you can see the mountains in the distance. I dont know whether the ancients of the Ming and Qing dynasties once experienced the sadness of "looking Wu hooks, railings, no one, and landing." I guess, maybe there won't be, because the big sorrow, the sun in the sunshine of Tengchong, is also soft. As one of the largest rural libraries in China, it is a traditional Chinese building, a front garden, and a library of more than 10,000 books. Among them, many ancient books are the most precious. Heshun Ancient Town is free, but if you visit some of the featured attractions, you will need to show your tickets. Yu Qiuyu once said that "old age is the age of poetry." The old man of Heshun lived in the legacy of history and lived a poetic year. Their hometown is not a cement bar, not in a green street, but a powder wall.
작성일: 2018년 12월 10일
Heshun is a small town in Tengchong County. Since the father went there to shoot, the ancient town has also been brought into the eyes of more people. The name of Heshun means Shishi and Minshun. Entering the town of Heshun, straight street Quxiang, stone color, small bridge flowing water, warm house quiet courtyard. Compared with most of the old towns in China, there is more rest and tranquility here, and the commercial atmosphere is not so strong. A small river passed through the ancient town, which made the town add a touch of soft water. In the morning, the golden sunshine slowly sprinkled, and the villagers in the ancient town have already started their morning exercises under the millennium ancient trees. Strolling through the ancient town gives you a feeling of peace of mind. The ancient town still has historical buildings such as Ai Siqis former residence, Inchs Ancestral Hall, Bendouzi, and Heshun Library, which are worthy of the taste of culture. In the ancient city of Heshun, you can walk around and chat with tea, and you will feel comfortable and comfortable. Inadvertently, I feel that the time has passed so fast that many people have thought of staying in the ancient town. The ancient city of Heshun in the middle of the night is particularly quiet. The sky is filled with a bright moon, the ancient trees and the lakes are against each other, and a beautiful and harmonious natural picture. Practical information Recommended play time 2-3 days ticket 80 yuan/person (including Heshun Library, Yuanlongge, Ai Siqi's former residence, Wenchang Palace, Bendouzi Folk House Museum, Yunnan-Burma Anti-Japanese War Museum, Heshun Alleys; if there are no attractions, the ancient town is free.
작성일: 2018년 12월 9일
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