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트립 모먼트

추천 트립 모먼트
추천 트립 모먼트
타이저우,추천 트립 모먼트
타이저우,추천 트립 모먼트
Taizhou tourism, every one of you is so beautiful. From small to large, there have been many people in our lives, and there are always a few who will leave the heaviest or most beautiful colors on the plain color palette. They are either teachers or friends, but without exception they bring us the best truth in the world, and they are grateful that they have appeared. Everyone in life is not accidental, they are waiting for us like a "pure white dove". Never said the tender words, but always turned into spring breeze to protect us. Because of their existence, life is full of light, even if the road ahead is rugged, we are no longer afraid. I am grateful that you have appeared in my life, so that I am no longer alone, no longer afraid, bravely searching for myself and fulfilling every dream. Follow the path, I guess, if you dont fall asleep late at night, you will definitely see this crooked new moon. Over the forests and mountains in the distance. The beautiful and gentle side face will make you look forward to another world, there is no crying, only sweet breath. In the early morning, the moonlight falls on the flowers that are not sleeping, the flowers fall into the eyes of the world, and the pain of the loved ones in the world and the disputes of the earth are temporarily eased. The poet carefully buried the shadows in the moonlight. . At this time, any sound will break the mirror image of this concord. It is better to keep silent, to withdraw from the world, to put yourself in the light, and to be in the illusion of jealousy.
타이저우,추천 트립 모먼트
If the small partner chooses this one, then take a taxi and see that the building is quite arrogant. It is a store that has been included for 4 years. The first floor is a clear file, you choose, all kinds of seafood, live chilled, the variety is quite rich, this season's crab is very full, then point it up. If there is no direction, refer to the recommended menu one by one. [Seven Stars Dry] Since it is dry, the dry fragrance will be highlighted. The selection should be small, the amount is small, the taste is salty and moderate, and the meat is not loose. [] The fried scallions of diced green onion are basically the original taste. They are relatively large, no sand, and the meat is quite fat. Forgot to order a sea dog belly. [Flower snail] hand-broken snail, the tail also has a little bitterness, the snail meat is more chewy, it is to be careful to eat, I accidentally cut the tongue, actually I don't really like to eat sauce purple dishes, it is more dangerous. [White-cut Octopus] is not the same as the imagination. I dont know if a plate is a few, cut, tentacle is more chewy, but with the small food that was eaten in Xinrongji yesterday. Compared with the tide, the Q degree is a little bit worse, of course, the price is different. With celery, you can eat soy sauce. [Steamed crab] Choose white crab, 100 yuan less than a pound, the price is good. Steamed is the original taste of eating, uncovering the yellow inside the crab shell, the crab meat comes with sweetness, I feel that I can eat the next two. The crab claws are relatively hard, and the cost of getting out of the teeth is relatively high. It is best to use a crab claw to open it. [Phi Prawns] There are many different names, such as prawn, prawns, shrimp scorpions, prawn, prawn, prawn, shrimp, etc., two methods are chosen, boiled and salted One eats the original taste, one tastes crispy, and the individual prefers the original taste. The fresh Pippi shrimp can eat the sweet and natural flavor of the seafood, and the head is medium. [Pan dish] Look at me as a stewed radish. The dish is also called "turnip" or "mangan", which is oblate, the fleshy root is round and round like a plate, and the slice is stewed with the soup. It is also crisp. The soup should be seafood, and there are dried shrimps, etc. I prefer the taste of radish or melon. This is a bit strange to eat. It is estimated that pickled into kohlrabi will be more suitable. [Shanfenyuan] Generally, this kind of powder is like Dongdong on the other side of Taiwan. However, if it is a local feature, try it. The yellow dough is black sesame. The teeth are also added with sugar sweet-scented osmanthus, and a little mint is added. It is intended to be a cool and cool place. It is a local special dessert. The price/performance ratio is still relatively high, 4 people also have a large private room, there is a special service~
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