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Taishun Covered Bridge is known as the living fossil of Chinese bridges. It is the most concentrated and abundant area of the existing bridges in the country. It has become the county with the most national treasure bridges in China and is known as the hometown of Chinese bridges. "The Covered Bridge", as its name implies, is the bridge with the roof. The age of the Taishun Covered Bridge can be traced back to the middle of the Ming Dynasty. The existing bridges were built in the Qing Dynasty. There are more than 30 wooden arch bridges in the Tang, Song, Ming and Qing Dynasties preserved in Taishun. Among them, 15 covered bridges were listed as national key cultural relics protection units. Beiqiao is known as "the most beautiful bridge in the world" with its own unique charm, charm, with quiet and quiet beauty, how many people are emotional. Perhaps the bridge bridges the memories and thoughts of this Taishun people. I am kneeling on the ancient covered bridge, thinking of the lightness of the wind, the softness of the clouds, silently counting the footprints left by the ancestors, and the tides of the times. The ingenious braided beam structure of the bridge is in line with the Hongshui Hongqiao in the Qingming River. It inherits the exquisite bridge construction techniques in ancient China, soaking the aura between the mountains and rivers, including all kinds of bridges, inscriptions and couplets. , poetry, sculpture, gallery painting, calligraphy is extremely rich, cultural and elegant, and distinctive features. In the old house near the covered bridge, watch a traditional puppet show. The Taishun puppet show began in the Song Dynasty and flourished in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Taishun also has the reputation of the hometown of puppet show. The puppet has a complete image and is beautifully made, especially the carving and pastel crafts of the puppet head. It is unique and ingenious.
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