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When the sky and the wetland are perfectly combined, there is a dreamland where the lake is like a mirror and the water and the sky are connected. This place, such as the natural environment, is located in Qingshui Town, Taiwan.
Due to the establishment of the Gaomei Seawall, accumulated silt has been formed for decades. The Gaomei Wetland has a good ecological environment. There are a lot of wetland animals here. Crabs, shellfish and birds can be seen everywhere on the beach. The sunset of
is the most famous landscape here. When the weather is fine, you can always see the magnificent sunset
the sun slowly approaching the sea level, gradually picking up its With the brilliance, the entire beach was slowly dyed orange. Under the dreamy orange color, young couples hold hands and leave the best memories on this most beautiful wetland.
This is the shooting place of the photographers. The light and the scenery are against each other. It is like a landscape painting. The people in the painting
the beach, the hardworking fishermen, under the mapping of the afterglow, step on the water surface. The afterglow of the light ended the hard work of the day.
Occasional group of Taekwondo teenagers, on the beach, enjoy the youth and enthusiasm.
The newlyweds are here to record the romantic memories of two people, the gentle wind blowing the gentle and pleasant you, like the pure love of each other.
When the sun sets, the sky is rendered red, projected on the wet ground, pulling out a long light and shadow, just like being at your fingertips, but out of reach
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Taichung "net red one sister" Miyahara ophthalmology

Miyahara ophthalmology can be said to be Taichung "net red sister", lined up to buy ice cream and the self-portrait after buying, and even if you do not buy Lets take a look at the photo shooters who are struggling to walk around this red brick retro house. Speaking of the origin of this dessert shop, it is necessary to start from its name. In 1927, Dr. Miyahara, a Japanese ophthalmologist, established Miyahara Ophthalmology, which was the largest eye clinic in Taichung. In 1945, Japan defeated, Dr. Miyahara returned to Japan, and it became a Taichung Health Center. However, with the changes of the times, the old and fallen health centers gradually became dangerous buildings, and became weeds in the September 21 earthquake. The ruins of the bushes.
The Sunrise cake team, which is famous for its pineapple cakes in Taiwan, bought it here and found famous architects and monument restoration experts to jointly create this small building. Into the small building, the retro nostalgic wind blowing from the face, the row of counters facing the road is the place to buy ice cream, you can choose the snacks on it, there is a hole in the sky, both sides deliberately become the "magic school" style, high High bookshelves and wooden staircases, a variety of hand-held gifts on the first floor, all retro-packed, each one wants to buy and buy! Upstairs is a tabletop restaurant. If you are eating upstairs, you don't have to queue for ice cream.

Address: No. 20 Zhongshan Road, Central District, Taichung City, Taiwan
Opening hours: 10:00-22:00
LiAn Zhang
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