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타이중,추천 트립 모먼트
라차다 야시장
Bangkok Red Night Market | The number of stalls is unclear, the panorama is fascinating with countless people

Bangkok travel nightlife, the most common thing is to go to the night market. Among the many night markets in Bangkok, my favorite is the Ratchada Train Night Market. The
Rakada train night market is actually not related to the train. It was moved from the original train night market of Srinakarin Road. The land used in the original train night market is the Thai Railway Bureau. It is called the train night market.
Every visitor to the Ratchada Night Market will take a photo of the parking lot next to the mall, as this parking lot is an excellent view point and shooting point. Over the entire night market, countless shops, lined up, colorful tents dotted, bustling night scenes, very charming.
Ratcha Train Night Market is a night market that is well received by locals and praised by tourists. Because the management of the night market is very standard, the price is unified pricing. The price is fair and there is no phenomenon of slaughtering. So there is no shortage of customers here, and it is always crowded. If you want to find a place to dine, you need to be patient.
For the night market, we still follow the principle of first visiting and eating, so as not to miss the essence. First look at your favorite food, so as not to buy too much, and finally unlock together. And it is not recommended to buy a large portion, because the amount of food here is quite adequate, or to leave more belly, can taste more.
Opening hours: 17
Rachel Yu
타이중,추천 트립 모먼트
닝샤 야시장
Taipei Ningxia Road Night Market

Taipei is really fun, but I still miss Taichung. This feeling is very strong when I go to the night market for food at night. Ningxia Road Night Market, people love and hate, love it is simple and rude, along the Ningxia Road lined up two rows of shops, hate it a lot of shops have to queue long, eating something difficult.
Address is on the Ningxia Road in Datong District. It is very eye-catching. The business hours are from 5pm to 1am every day. In fact, the night market is very much in Taiwan. It is difficult to tell where the best is. The total Shilin has let me down, and the place is far away. I don't like it very much. Ningxia night market is not bad. I have eaten for two days, and it is said that it was voted as the best, the best, and the most environmentally friendly. The biggest difference between the night market and other places is that uniform stainless steel cutlery is used here.
Liu Weizi egg yolk cake, 25 Taiwan dollars without egg yolk, 30 egg yolk, the Taipei Michelin guide, another Michelin recommended shop is pig liver Rongzi.
Lin Kee burned the potato, the taste of the roasted potato is unforgettable. Whether it is peanut or sesame, everything is delicious. I think I can eat ten more.
Lin Kee spicy stinky tofu, my favorite, no one. I have been remembering this taste for more than ten years in Taiwans night market. I came to the night market to find it, hot stinky tofu and duck blood, with hand-made bean skin, sweet and refreshing, and endless aftertaste. There is a lot of people in the next door, and it is said that it is the most famous snack in Ningxia Night Market. There is no place and no stomach, so let everyone eat and see.
LiAn Zhang
한국소비자포럼 주관
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