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타이중,추천 트립 모먼트
Taichung "net red one sister" Miyahara ophthalmology

Miyahara ophthalmology can be said to be Taichung "net red sister", lined up to buy ice cream and the self-portrait after buying, and even if you do not buy Lets take a look at the photo shooters who are struggling to walk around this red brick retro house. Speaking of the origin of this dessert shop, it is necessary to start from its name. In 1927, Dr. Miyahara, a Japanese ophthalmologist, established Miyahara Ophthalmology, which was the largest eye clinic in Taichung. In 1945, Japan defeated, Dr. Miyahara returned to Japan, and it became a Taichung Health Center. However, with the changes of the times, the old and fallen health centers gradually became dangerous buildings, and became weeds in the September 21 earthquake. The ruins of the bushes.
The Sunrise cake team, which is famous for its pineapple cakes in Taiwan, bought it here and found famous architects and monument restoration experts to jointly create this small building. Into the small building, the retro nostalgic wind blowing from the face, the row of counters facing the road is the place to buy ice cream, you can choose the snacks on it, there is a hole in the sky, both sides deliberately become the "magic school" style, high High bookshelves and wooden staircases, a variety of hand-held gifts on the first floor, all retro-packed, each one wants to buy and buy! Upstairs is a tabletop restaurant. If you are eating upstairs, you don't have to queue for ice cream.

Address: No. 20 Zhongshan Road, Central District, Taichung City, Taiwan
Opening hours: 10:00-22:00
LiAn Zhang
타이중,추천 트립 모먼트
I knew Rainbow Village for the first time. It was a few sporadic photos and a few words that I saw when I first opened Weibo. At that time, I recorded this nice name in the list of Taiwanese must-have that already existed in my mind. On the second day of coming to Taichung, I went to Donghai University early in the morning to read the Lusiyi Church, and I quickly went to the rainbow paradise of the Rainbow Village.

If the color is blocked, the house is low, and the village where the roadway is forced to look more like a shanty town with a combination of urban and rural areas. But on the wall, the ground, the windows... Wherever the sights are everywhere, the rainbow-like and graffiti paintings full of childlikeness are the "Rainbow Grandpa", which makes this unseen village that should have been demolished become An incredible fairy tale kingdom.

For the "Rainbow Grandpa" Huang Yongzhen, now 95 years old, every brick in the village and the house is his canvas. In his own words, when he was 86, he started picking up the brush because he was "boring." The old man used to brush and smear outside the house outside his house to pass the time. Later, it gradually painted the walls and courtyards of the neighbors. Later, the grounds, walls, doors and windows of the entire village were covered with colorful, playful and exaggerated rainbows, flowers, animals and other paintings. For more than six years, a veteran who had never studied painting for a day made the Rainbow Village accidentally red with cute graffiti, and indirectly protected the last seven houses in the village from demolition.
타이중,추천 트립 모먼트
Taichung, like a fashionable, always keeps up with new things, but still insists on a nostalgic old man in the depths of his heart. The city coexists in a new and old way. At first glance, it seems that there is no logical way of thinking, generating its own style and characteristics. Unlike Taipei's bustling and bustling city, unlike Tainan's ancient charm, Taichung has a unique strength that can make local people the most glorious citizens of Taiwan. Taichung carries a charm that can be hailed as Taiwan. The most livable city. Even if the stay is not enough, we can still stop and visit the city carefully. We will find that there are too many reasons to live here.

Gaomei Wetland has been hailed as a glimpse of at least one trip in a lifetime and is also a resort for the world's six major sky mirrors. If you are lucky, you may see the most beautiful sunset seen in this life. The scenery here cannot be felt without seeing it with your own eyes. At the last stop of the trip, here is the sea breeze, waiting for the sunset to the scene. To say that Taichung is the most popular and the most prosperous night market, there is no doubt that Fengjia Night Market, which everyone loves. From the side door of Fengjia University, it has been extended to Fengjia Night Market in Fuxing Road. Every night, it is full of people, and it is a city full of food and never sleep. The old-fashioned snacks are dominated by one party, and the new-style food is a small test knife. What is never lacking here is the enticing food and the long queue. With an empty stomach, you will get a full stomach and food that your hands can't lift.
타이중,추천 트립 모먼트
captured happiness
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