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Although I haven't heard of Theseus's band tonight, but the overall environment of Mao live house is still very suitable for young people casual, sloppy no stools in the venue, everyone standing or sitting on the ground, can be very close to the stage Close distance, better interaction with your favorite stars. Tap another cocktail and listen to the music you like and feel relaxed and relaxed. The scene is often the audience constantly, presumably young people like this kind of communication, and it is also a very special place in Hangzhou. young, it will burn
작성일: 2019년 7월 27일
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타이창,추천 트립 모먼트
Shaxi Ancient Town, the first thing that comes to mind is Dali, Yunnan, which is a major town on the ancient tea-horse road. However, in Taicang, Jiangsu, not far from Shanghai and Suzhou, there is also an ancient town of Shaxi. Not very famous, there are not many tourists, and no tickets are accepted. Shaxi Ancient Town is already a village in the Tang Dynasty, and it has a long history than many ancient towns. In the Yuan Dynasty, it became a marketplace, and the Ming Dynasty merchants became a major commercial and trade town. At present, there are more than 600 houses and more than 4,200 houses in the Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China, which are contiguous and fragmented. Alleys are narrow and long, and from time to time there are local old people living in the alleys slowly coming out. By the time of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, with the development of industry and commerce, a large number of merchants came into being, and it became a famous commercial and trade town. The Song Dynasty Fan Zhongyan presided over the Qiputang that runs through the town. The river is wide and there is an olive island in the river. It was cut off when the Xinqipu River was excavated in 1954. There are three ancient stone arch bridges on the river: Liji Bridge, Yongqiao Bridge and Yixing Bridge, all with typical Qing Dynasty architectural style. Meizu years, the town is booming. Supervising Yu Shi Su Zan's "Yu Shi Fu", Shanxi Road Yu Shi Cao Yu, the Criminal Department Langzhong Ye Yuchun and other officials, have built a government here, the street scene is good, "Shaxi Eight Views", far and near famous. The stone arch bridge is a good place to enjoy the scenery. There are no cruise ships in the river and the water is calm.
타이창,추천 트립 모먼트
10 minutes walk from Shaxi Bus Station to Guzhen Scenic Area, the roadside is a typical view of the ancient town of Jiangnan Water Town. The entrance to the scenic spot is covered with red lanterns. During the National Day, there are many more tourists here than usual, and the weather is very good. A small river, along with the old streets of the ancient town, there are naturally small bridges on the river. The alleys are long and narrow, and the walls on both sides are taller. The wall is mottled, and it is the trace of the years. From an unknown alley to the river, the bridge is in front of you. This small bridge was built in the Song Dynasty and is simple and vigorous. Unlike other ancient towns, there are no boats on the river that come and go, and it seems a bit quiet. There are many such alleys in the town of , and tourists usually don't come in, but if you walk in inadvertently, you may have different scenery waiting for you. There are a lot of tourists, because when they were at noon, several restaurants in the old street were full and could not find a vacancy. From here, it is the bridge. There are many tourists on the bridge. They usually take pictures on the bridge and think that it is the most beautiful scenery. The bridge is condescending and the scenery is really good. There is a special platform built under the bridge to let tourists take pictures and enjoy the scenery. From what point of view, the bridges are simple and vicissitudes. A small bridge carries a thousand years of history.
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