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Sen LI Photography
The City Hall on the shores of Lake Mlaren is a landmark in Stockholm and was designed and built in 1911. Designed by the famous Swedish architect Genal Osterber, the City Hall combines the architectural features of the Swedish town of Lacko Castle with the Venetian Government. The city hall, covered in a brick red coat, has a 106-meter-tall minaret with three golden crowns, a symbol of the Kingdom of Sweden; it also symbolizes the three member states that formed the Kalmar League - Dian, Denmark and Norway. . When you walk into the entrance of the hall, there will be a guide who will lead you into the first floor of the hall: the "Blue Room" famous for its Nobel Prize. Every December 10th is the most glorious day in Sweden. It is the day of the Nobel Prize awards. The focus of the world is gathered at the Nobel Prize Awarding Ceremony of the City Music Hall. After the award ceremony, it was a grand banquet for the Nobel Prize winners. At the moment, not only the Swedish royal family and all officials, but also many world-renowned physicists, chemists and economists. Gorgeous halls, all built from red bricks. In this "Blue Room Blue Hall", we can't seem to find a little blue, and in fact this blue hall originally planned to use lime to cover the bricks. One of the most magnificent "Golden Halls" is truly shocking. The four walls are made up of more than 18 million gold-plated mosaics, painted with the Swedish royal family and people's life scenes.
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