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[Sintra] Sintra is a small city on the outskirts of the Lisbon region of Portugal, located in the foothills of the Sintra Mountains. There are a lot of old castles and ruins worth visiting. Moor Castle, Pena Palace and Sintra Palace, In addition, this is the only way to go to the end of Europe at Cabo da Roca. So in 1995, it was UN UNESCO is listed as a World Heritage Site. [How to go] To go to Cabo da Roca. After going through Sintra, you can go to Cascais. So I suggest you go to the 3 cities to go shopping early that day. Route: Lisbon - Sintra (all major attractions) - Cabo da Roca - Cascais - Lisbon [rail pass] recommended to buy trains public transport ticket: 16.5 euros (including Lisbon The train also has regional buses) On the second floor of Rossio Train Station in Lisbon, you can buy Lisbon-Sintra, Cascais-Lisbon can choose trains to visit various attractions in Sintra , Sintra to Cabo da Roca, Cabo da Roca to Cascais to choose the bus fare all covered. Due to limited time, I need to take 3 places a day. So in Sintra I only chose one of the attractions Pena Palace, after getting off at the station, I can only take the sightseeing traffic in Sintra. , Sintra's traffic is relatively simple, such as going from the train station to the Pena Palace and then going to another place to go back to the Sintra train station or just to go around the road is not very human. [Pena Palace] Pena Palace is the king's palace, its dazzling, strange, pretentious posture looks like a paradise castle. The palace itself is a hodgepodge of various architectural styles, with Gothic, Renaissance, Moorish and Manuel styles (Architecture of the Portuguese King Nuer I). It was the 19th century Portuguese Queen Maria. The blood of the husband of II, Ferdinand. This is not only a Portuguese national monument, but also one of Portugal's seven wonders. It is located on the top of a hill in St. Peter's Church in Sintra, near Lisbon. It is clear in the city of Lisbon in fine weather. visible. In 1995, it was selected as a World Heritage Site as part of the Sintra Cultural Landscape. It is now frequently used for the state affairs of the Portuguese President and other government officials. While in the Middle Ages, it was just a church of the Virgin. In 1493, the Joao II couple came here for pilgrimage, and the successor Manuel I built the monastery. In 1755, the monastery was razed to the ground during the Lisbon earthquake. In 1842-1854, the summer palace was vigorously built. The architect was the German von Eschwege, and was eventually completed in 1885. You can take pictures outside the palace of Pena Palace. The colorful castles are also a good place for red and concave shapes. However, you can't take pictures in the palace, and the backpack needs to be in front. Sometimes there are people who block people taking pictures.
작성일: 2019년 9월 3일
Traveling Sisters   
Traveling in Lisbon, there is a place that will definitely go, Sintra. Sintra, as a summer resort in the old Portuguese royal family, has now received the love of tourists. No matter what season, it is a tourist, and the tourist bus is connected. This quiet little town is now very lively. In all fairness, Sintra does have the qualities of becoming a net red town, 20 kilometers from Lisbon, without the bustle of big cities, stealing life. Sintra, is a mountain town, here, in addition to eating in the city, along the mountain road, the top of the mountain has a magical place waiting for you, that is the Pena Palace, this beautiful palace was The famous British poet Byron called it the same existence as the Garden of Eden. Here, he must worship Byron. He travels around Europe and writes countless prisoners, so that more people know about these places and worship in the past. After buying the ticket to enter the Pena Palace, there is still a distance to walk to the top of the mountain. You can choose to wait for the bus for ten minutes or walk. The Pena Palace was named a World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO in 1995 and is one of Portugal's seven wonders. This fairy-tale palace is the best representative of romantic architecture in the 19th century. Such a good thing can't wait! Pena Palace, can satisfy all your imaginations of the fairy tale palace, the vivid red yellow, and the blue sky color matching, the mosaic exterior building has a strong Moorish atmosphere, here, it should live in the princess The prince, a romantic love story.
작성일: 2018년 12월 13일
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