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Dinner is served at the hotel's buffet, and you will be spoiled for choice. As the first five-star hotel in Shishi, the buffet should naturally become its plus item. The menu is rich, the ingredients are fresh and the environment is elegant. The restaurant is designed with an open kitchen and serves a variety of dishes. Whether it's an izakaya that you miss, or a seafood dinner on a tropical island, it's here to satisfy you, from stomach to heart. [Buffet Dinner] Never boast that I am eating, I know that I have not enjoyed the food of this big world, and I dont know my own mouth. Whether it is too much human fireworks in terms of food. Just in front of the food, the feeling that the child belongs to the original "desire" of human beings will still come to life, so it will catch up with all kinds of tools, regardless of the image. [Buffet Dinner] ps: Buffet dinner is 198 yuan, only buffets will be served on weekends, Monday to Friday. Hotel and Yalong buffet lunch, located on the first floor and dinner in the same place, fruit salad, Japanese sushi, various seafood dinners, can not be missed. The food is memory-enabled. Following the smell of fresh salmon or sauce-flavored duck, it barely captures scattered pieces related to the past. At that time, I was still a child who was not sensible. When I passed the store on the street, I pulled up my mothers clothes and told her with a eager eye. I also wanted to go. My mother usually touches my head, then grabs my hand and says, you are a little serval.
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