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추천 트립 모먼트
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This year's Spring Festival holiday, I followed the strong and his college friends to travel to Shijiazhuang. To say where Shijiazhuang is fun, friends recommend going to the Golden Village, I heard that there are many fun projects in the New Year! You can also play card gold awards ~ play recommended: route one (mainly play gold walled mountains) tubular slides - hanging wall train - hundred state walks - Golden Valley - Hidden Dragon Valley - Gold Benzhai Route 2 (mainly playing Qilin Mountain) sightseeing car - Qilin Mountain - cableway up the mountain - Tiger does not dare glass suspension bridge - Kirin Baixuan Park - strop - Jinbenzhai Route 3 (Golden Walled Mountain + Qilin Mountain) tubular slide - cantilever train - hundred state walks - sightseeing car - Qilin Mountain - cableway up the mountain - Tiger not afraid of glass suspension bridge - Kirin Baixue Park - zip line - Gold Benzhai features must punch card points: Golden Valley: It is said that people often find gold ingots in the mountains, to the gold village must come to the Golden Valley dilute the wealth, here is the place where many fairy immortals legends occur. . Qilin Mountain: There is a myth and legend. Qilin Mountain is the sacred mountain of Zhongshan. It is also the legendary land of unicorn. It is famous for its shape resembling unicorn. There is also the largest unicorn garden in the country and the unicorn Pray for the temple, it is said that the blessings here are very effective. Events: During the Spring Festival, there is an offline activity of Golden Gold in the Golden Village. The blessing bag is taken on the wall of the blessing bag at the corresponding scenic spot. You can redeem the reward with Fuka! It is said that the prize is a super large gold ingot weighing 140 grams ~ Address: Hebei PingshanJingye Group West 4km Jinzhai original eco-tourism area Traffic: Self-driving navigation search "Golden Village."
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