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작성일: 2019년 1월 8일
The Shennongtan Scenic Area combines the hustle and bustle, the Austrian, the secluded and the beautiful. It has both the rough and the majestic nature of the north and the beauty and femininity of the south. It brings together the essence of the Taihang Mountains, the peaks and peaks, the caves and the greenery, and the fairyland wins Penglai. is the southern gate of Shennongjia Tourism, and Xiangxi is slowly flowing southward. Surrounded by green hills throughout the scenic area, beautiful and quiet. Standing between the green mountains, the statue is driven by the earth, and the eyes are slightly closed, which seems to be thinking about the mysteries of the universe. In the sacrificial area, stepping on the foot is a circular and square pattern representing the heavens and the earth. In the square pattern of the representative place, the five-color stone is the gold, wood, water, fire and earth in the five elements of the doctrine. The characteristic tourist project of the Shenong altar is the local campfire barbecue party. Therefore, there are many jars and torches piled up under the altar. It is said that in addition to the local special performances, you can taste the game barbecue at night. During the period, there are local girls who pay tribute to Shennong Yellow Wine. If you dont drink alcohol, you can show that you dont drink. Unfortunately, we didnt experience the trip when we went. Next time we have the opportunity to experience the bonfire party of Shennongjia. What is it like. The millennium shirt king, already more than 1200 years old, still stands tall and straight, carrying the various kinds of blessings of people, watching the tree full of wishing ropes hanging, I also silently made a wish. Tiansheng Bridge is a new scenic spot just developed by Shennongjia. Here, the waterfall sounds like a thunder, and the bridge is between the two mountains. It is understood that this bridge is named after the long-term scouring of the stream, and it is a combination of bridges, waterfalls, lakes, mountains and trees. It is like a paradise.
작성일: 2018년 12월 22일
Shennongding Scenic Area is a national-level nature reserve with a total area of about 883.6 square kilometers. It is a natural eco-tourism area featuring a well-preserved forest natural ecosystem and characterized by ecological diversity, embodying the main theme of harmonious coexistence between man and nature. It is one of the key scenic spots in Shennongjia. Shennongding Scenic Area is located in the nature reserve in the south of Shennongjia. It is located at the junction of Sichuan and Hubei between the Yangtze River and Hanshui River in China. The peaks are all above 3,000 meters above sea level, which is called Huazhong Roof. The area is 3,250 square kilometers, and the forest land accounts for more than 85%. With an average elevation of 1,700 meters and a maximum of 3,105 meters, there are many climate types. In fact, I began to hear that I had to climb the 2,999 steps on the top of the roof of Huazhong. I refused, but I still want to challenge myself. The clouds on the top of the mountain are like a veil. Every time Shennongding climbs 100 steps, there will be a number. To climb the top, you need 2999. In fact, I think it is easy to take 2999 steps, but the mountain road here is very steep and it is very tired, so it is a test. Human perseverance. I want to give up on the way, I also feel that it is a pity to give up at this time, but for the sake of not regretting myself, comfort yourself and stick to it. Every time you climb a little higher, the forests and plants around you will change~~ When you see the last 47 steps, the excitement in your heart is finally coming. Because of the different altitudes, you can spend all seasons at the foot of the mountain and the top of the mountain. In the words of the locals, there are four seasons and ten different days. Therefore, you should pay more attention to dressing.
작성일: 2018년 12월 22일
Old Lake Walker   
작성일: 2018년 12월 16일
You don't have to go to Japan to shoot a Japanese blockbuster movie, "The most complete snowy photo guide" 1 Find a nice tree, it is recommended not to be too high, just to be part of the composition. Under the tree, touch your hair to sort out your hair or other movements, then turn on continuous shooting and choose the most natural and beautiful. 2 Don't be afraid of cold! Look for a piece of clean snow to lie down, because the snow sky may be glaring, you can cite your hands to block the glasses slightly, and then compare. Its okay to lie down and close your eyes. 3 Kneading a small snowball to play. Put it in your hand and put it on your head! Small can support the cuteness of people. If it's enough, just pile it up, haha. 4 and the forest photo, this mountain I contracted! There are a lot of actions that can be done here. Jump up and put your hands together so that everyone can use their imagination. 5 Seeing such spectacular scenery, I suddenly remembered "Love Letter": How are you? I'm very good! Shout it out! 6 Gently grab a handful of snow and throw it at the lens. Note that the amount of snow is small, too much to block yourself when it is spread out, and too much will get to the camera and the photographer 7 interact with brightly colored things. For example, equipment on the playground, skis on the ski slopes, or buy some props yourself. 8 The foot is also moving. Kicking and kicking snow is a good choice, but to play new snow, the snow will be very hard, not only can you kick the foot 9 walk forward and smile back. Believe in the snow and ice, your smile is the most beautiful and warmest sun above is some of my little advice on taking pictures in the snow! Ask for a favorite collection
작성일: 2019년 2월 26일
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