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Skiing is the best way to open Harbin in winter. Where is the most cost-effective ski resort in Harbin? Harbin Sports Institute Alpine Ski Resort, located in Maoershan Town, Shangzhi City, Heilongjiang Province, 88 kilometers away from the main campus of Harbin, with convenient transportation. The snow field is now open with 6 snow trails, including 2 primary roads with a width of 130 meters. It is the widest primary snow track, 1 intermediate road and 3 high-grade roads in the country. The relative drop is 300 meters, the maximum slope. 40 degrees, the length is 1600 meters, 1700 meters, 1800 meters. There is also a snow circle and two "U" skill sites. Haling Institute Maoershan Alpine Ski Resort has hosted the Single Board and Birds in the World University Winter Games in 2009. The 16 small items are the big winter. The main venue of the meeting.
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With a baby to ski, I chose the ClubMed Resort in Yabuli, watching the children explore nature to explore new sports, -40 degrees of low temperature and the first ski experience, from adapting to adaptation, from strange to familiar, saw her Efforts, this is the growth of Club Med In order to improve the quality of ski teaching, special contract with the French ski teaching school ESF, all foreigners from the ESF French, ESF is the world's top ski school. We are the first experience, the beginning is still a little timid, like the little penguin, slowly coming down the steps, a coach and a GO companion, today PIOUPIOU class is six children, today's performance is very good, I dont know how to cry again. Im trying to go to the snow field. GO is still very intimate to protect the children very well, basically no exposed skin, even on the nose. The cold-proof post coach started one by one to guide the children to kneel down, and the posture of the imitation is quite similar. The teaching content is the basic movements such as advancement and braking. Skiing is a full-body exercise. The balance ability and flexibility of the child's balance ability, the child is shorter than the adult, so the center is also low, it will be better to master implication or a bit difficult to turn, but sometimes it will not turn inadvertently, and I can go to the origin, and the carpet is also better than yesterday. I learned bravery from this skiing, and skiing also cultivates the spirit of childrens perseverance and challenge.
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