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The reason for going to Dalong Lake is particularly wonderful, because the original Daming Mountain does not open the door, we have to think about going to the surrounding area and find that there is a Dalongdong scenic spot in the direction of Shanglin. There is mountain and water, which is known as Yalong Bay in Guangxi. The distance is not too far. Decide to open the throttle and look at it. It is at noon when you drive here. First come to a plate of fish in the lake~ Dalongdong Scenic Area is composed of Dalongdong Reservoir (also called Dalong Lake) and Dalong Cave. It has the reputation of "China's Halong Bay". It is the only natural reservoir in China that does not require a dam and relies on rockfills to store groundwater. It is one of the top ten lava reservoirs. You can take a boat or drive along the lakeside road. There are 14 natural islands in the lake. The lake is surrounded by clear water, surrounded by mountains, and the reflection of Qingshan is integrated. There are many caves on the way to the cruise ship. The most famous one is the "Dragon Cave". The most special thing is that there are 3 natural skylights on the top of the cave. There are water in the cave, there are holes in the water, and the sky sees the sky. We chose to drive to Dalong Lake. Most of the roads along the lake are along the lake without the sight line. This road is built to connect the villages. It is fun to drive. Dalong Lake is both beautiful and charming in the Guilin Lijiang River, and has the stalwart momentum of the beautiful man in Halong Bay, Vietnam. Even on a cloudy day, there is a charm, the water mist is large, and the continuous stone mountain makes people feel like nothing, faintly, like a landscape painting.
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